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One of the fountains in Lisbon's main square Rossio (Praca Dom Pedro IV.) The paving represents sea waves (and you could imagine getting sea sick if you looked at it too long)

(Canon IXUS 500, Lisbon, August 2008)
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poetessgarden wrote on Sep 5, '08
it's just beautiful, hope you enjoyed your visit there!
tonij16102 wrote on Sep 5, '08
Beautiful fountain...thanks for sharing and stopping by
littleronnie wrote on Sep 5, '08
That is really beautiful. Thanks ever so for dropping by mine.
chrisakasweets wrote on Sep 5, '08
beautiful fountain- quite extravagant...
awakingthelion wrote on Sep 5, '08
Another great fountain!
kia909 wrote on Sep 6, '08
Beautiful fountain and you captured the water so well!
shairationgco wrote on Sep 6, '08
wonderful fountain!! so refreshing!!!
Sparkling Water
secclux wrote on Sep 6, '08
Lovely fountain!
soliloquydownunder wrote on Sep 6, '08
cool capture of a lovely piece of wet! thanks for stopping by ;-)
pinepodfarm wrote on Sep 6, '08
Beautiful picture, thanks for stopping by my PP!
tinafranc wrote on Sep 6, '08
Lovely shot! I love fountains. Have a nice weekend.
serenole wrote on Sep 6, '08
COOL!! Love the design of the tiles.... very intricate!

thanks for stoppin into my fishy wet spot!
terrencew wrote on Sep 6, '08
Fine photo and take on the theme. Looks like a fine place to sit and have a coffee while watching the world go by.
Thanks for your visit.
empressselena wrote on Sep 6, '08
This is a gorgeous fountain! I love it. I would probably spend all day snapping! LOL

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lindalovestostitch wrote on Sep 6, '08
Thank you for visiting mine.
busterp wrote on Sep 6, '08
That's pretty cool. I probably would get sea sick - I'm a land person. Ha. Nice picture, interesting.
rowe85 wrote on Sep 6, '08
wet and beautiful!
thanks for visiting my wet penguins, viera...",)
pestep55 wrote on Sep 6, '08
It's a wonderful fountain and a beautiful picture /:-)
cherikeeusa wrote on Sep 6, '08
I tried to find the sea sick part but all I saw was how beautiful it was! Dang!
karen21445 wrote on Sep 6, '08
geoaskier wrote on Sep 6, '08
OHHHHHH what a fantastic shot of a fabulous fountain
kittigory wrote on Sep 6, '08, edited on Sep 6, '08
This fountain is even more impressive and exciting than mine! Wonderful!
tintalasia wrote on Sep 6, '08
We have that same kind of paving here in Brazil. Now I know where Brazil gets it from. Here, every town and city has their own 'pattern' and only that town or city is permitted to use the pattern, so you can tell where you are by the patterns of the paving. Lovely photo you have here. Thanks for visiting : )
adeguing wrote on Sep 7, '08
I can feel the splash :)
fatema39 wrote on Sep 7, '08
Lovely photo.
lindao6 wrote on Sep 7, '08
Love fountains and this one is so pretty! When I see one like this, it makes me want to take my shoes off and go wadding! Guess the law enforcement officials would frown on that! Love your photo!!!
Thank you so much for your visit to my PPF !
My Picture Perfect Friday ~ Wet
riihele wrote on Sep 7, '08
Hei Viera

Lovely shot!
Keep so grand and safe.

My entry on WET is in ere.
dawn4 wrote on Sep 7, '08
millimusings wrote on Sep 7, '08
How stunningly beautiful
thanks for your kind comment too.
Picture Perfect Theme This Week Is: Wet.
jengkikit wrote on Sep 7, '08
lovely... Thanks for your comment on mine.
mandas1 wrote on Sep 7, '08
What a beautiful photo! Great capture!

Thanks for stopping by!
j5uliana wrote on Sep 7, '08
Beautiful photo. Nice take on the theme. Thanks for visiting my page.
loveangel94 wrote on Sep 7, '08
how beautiful thanks for stopping by
mjrohn wrote on Sep 7, '08
Beautiful shot of a beautiful fountain! Love how blue the sky is.
Thanks for dropping in too.
amyukalichick wrote on Sep 7, '08
Gorgeous fountain! I love the colors in your photo, especially the red roofs against the blue/cyan sky.
arthog9 wrote on Sep 7, '08
Good picture. Thanks for the visit and comment.
mamoonelsiddik wrote on Sep 7, '08
Beautiful fountain, thanks for the visit
mimisplace wrote on Sep 7, '08
wow.. such a gorgeous fountain!!! I love it.. beautiful wet pic!!
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frannier wrote on Sep 7, '08
How beautiful, wonderful tour you have given us....
heathercheryl wrote on Sep 7, '08
This is a very beautiful photo. Good one for wet theme.
Thanks for viewing mine. *s*
rachel70 wrote on Sep 8, '08
Lovely shot it is great! Lisbon looks lovely!
Thanks for visting!
pitchalittlewoo wrote on Sep 8, '08
Looks beautiful there!
Thanks for the visit & comment.
purplerosew wrote on Sep 8, '08
A beautiful fountain and great picture!

Thanks for visiting & commenting on mine.
photographicpassions wrote on Sep 8, '08
That's a great fountain!
buch68 wrote on Sep 8, '08
very beautiful!!!
lilwolfsis wrote on Sep 8, '08
I love these fountains like these! good picture! thankyou for stopping by!
kia909 wrote on Sep 9, '08
Thanks for visiting my "Meet the artist"
estimiguelariel wrote on Sep 9, '08
Nice capture, well done !

Thanks for your visit on mine.
goingplatinum wrote on Sep 19, '08
makes me want to run to the ladies ..........I love fountains

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