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Robin Gibb

1949 - 2012
Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10:46:
The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees,
announce with great sadness
that Robin passed away 
 following his long battle
with cancer and intestinal surgery.
 Robin we wil never forget you.
Thanks for your fantastic music
 and rest in peace.

natuurgenezing wrote on Jul 6
Robin Gibb - Magic Moments - 20 songs


natuurgenezing wrote on Jul 6
A personal christmas moment with Robin Gibb
this video/interview copyright by edel records and robin Gibb
The video is taken from the album Robin Gibb My favourite christmas carols


francomas26 wrote on Jun 6
Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees vocalist the Australian group that has dominated the charts all over the world in the seventies with hits like, Tragedy, Stayin 'Alive and Night Fever. The Bee Gees Barry Gibb remains alive only the specialist in the falsetto voice that has characterized the entire production of the musical group.

deltass wrote on May 21, edited on May 21
davvero molto triste averli persi...possano riposare in pace

dmvan wrote on May 21
A great loss. They both provided such enjoyment through their music.

belita747 wrote on May 21
A beautiful tribute to such a Voice....

firefysh wrote on May 21
A great loss, Viera.

pixielittlemagic wrote on May 21
very nice tribute.RIP Robin.

viera7 wrote on May 21

OH yes...I remember dancing to this song , and I loved it!

Donna Summer, I loved you,
and rest in peace.


thespiritedone wrote on May 21, edited on May 21
I think both you and Terry have said it all. R.I.P, Robin Gibb & Donna Summer. Thank you for the most precious gift that you have left with us.

Thanks Vera for this. hugs oxo

bendmeover wrote on May 21
Donna Summer just left us. And now Robin Gibb. Two Disco greats in less than a week. I miss them both.

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