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Old Montreal

is a part of downtown Montreal that has been preserved in much of its original state, with the oldest buildings dating back to the 1600's. This historic neighborhood is a safe and vibrant community and is European in character.
Old Montreal has retained its heritage with winding streets, old market squares and the Notre Dame Basilica completed in 1829.
The Bank of of Montreal, Chateau Ramezay, and the City Hall in Place Jacques Cartier are just some of the reminders of the past. McGill University was established in 1821, and is probably the most prestigious of Canada's Universities.
MAKE no mistake: visiting Montreal is not like going to Paris. True, the brooding facades and crooked streets of Old Montreal feel distinctly European, and yes, the locals take their French seriously. But don’t confuse this cosmopolitan Canadian port city for a fusty, Old World wannabe. Freshened up by a wave of trendy new hotels, shops and restaurants, Montreal sings its own tune — and it sounds more like Arcade Fire, the homegrown indie band, than La Marseillaise.
The Basilique Notre Dame is a must see when you visit Old Montreal. This amazing basilica is reminscent of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris and was modeled after the famous church.
Let's enjoy some pictures:

viera7 wrote on Nov 1, '09
Hello dear,
I wish you a beautiful night.
Thank you Aline for stopping by...Have a nice time as well...

alinebalestra wrote on Oct 28, '09
Hello dear,
I wish you a beautiful night.

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With Love
viera7 wrote on Oct 15, '09
belita747 said
Thanks, Viera, for having taken me over there... without getting on a plane,
My pleasure Belita...The city is really very nice and for me was very fascinating that art spirit from France... Smiles and kisses...
viera7 wrote on Oct 15, '09
frankiex said
Looks and sounds like a beautiful place.......
you arae right Frank... it was really a beautiful place...Hugs
belita747 wrote on Oct 5, '09
It is a beautiful city, certainly! The slide show pictures how that city is worth visiting. Thanks, Viera, for having taken me over there... without getting on a plane, LOL!
frankiex wrote on Oct 4, '09
Looks and sounds like a beautiful place.......I love France so I am sure I would like it there...
Thanks Viera
viera7 wrote on Oct 4, '09
firefysh said
Lovely presentation.
Thanks, Viera. :-)
Your welcome Graham...you really honour me with your presence...it is not very hard to make a presentation of a beautiful city...Hugs
viera7 wrote on Oct 4, '09
Wonderful! Ty!
Thank you Cinnamon...I appreciate your visit very much...
firefysh wrote on Oct 4, '09
Lovely presentation.
Thanks, Viera. :-)
runcinnamon wrote on Oct 4, '09
Wonderful! Ty!
viera7 wrote on Oct 4, '09
Welcome back!
yes Michael, this time I enjoyed my visit very well...Glad that my pictures remaind you of your visit ...This city is really unforgettable...Thanks for your visit...Have a nice Sunday as well...
michaelmichoo wrote on Oct 4, '09
Wonderful photography, Viera! Several years ago, I visited Montreal and your pictures remind me of my visit. I can see you enjoyed your visit and you saw much of the city. Welcome back!

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