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It's time for holiday

Villa San Michele  - Anacapri

This summer I decided to visit an island of Italy - Capri and Anacapri. After the Grotta Azzurra, the Museum - House of Villa  San Michele is Anacapri's most visited tourist atraction.

The old Phoenician steps (it's 800 steps) linking Capri and Anacapri.

The island itself gives for denizen splendid carriage. Its steep stair-ways, up which they carry heavy loads upon their heads, compel them to walk with a stately step; but they have a kindly hearts with the welcoming smile and ready salutation.

The villa dates back to the late 19th century, when the Swedish physician, writer and recreational archaeologist, Axel Munthe, adjudicated the site, previously occupied by an ancient roman construction, the perfect place where to build a house in which to display his collection of relics and classical artefacts.

Villa San Michele's beautiful Mediterranean gardens are an integral part of the Museum. This is where both the remains of the ancient Roman villa and the little Medieval Chapel, this latter restored by Munthe in person, can be seen. From its position on the north-eastern slopes of Anacapri, some 327 meters above sea level, Villa San Michele boasts a privileged view point, gazing out across the entire Bay of Naples

The Church of San Michele is situated in the historic center of Anacapri. This small church is famous for its magnificent floor in majolica dating back to the 1700’s, work of the master of majolica Leonardo Chiaiese, and depicting the expulsion of Adam and Eva from the earthly paradise.

So it will be delay on my page here for three weeks...Have a nice time wherever you 'll be...

lovedreams7 wrote on Aug 2, '10
Very nice trip Viera....
Thanks for the explained.
~ Hugz :o)
mrthree wrote on Aug 2, '10
Just watched the video again. Such great views. Fantastic colors. Very cheerful and very romantic. So sorry no one came. It is either that I should not try to do the recommendations in summer, or bad timing. Speaking of timing, it is 3 am and I am going back to bed. Soon, neat lady and world traveller.
mrthree wrote on Aug 1, '10
Bet it was fun and totally interesting. Photos show a great choice for a destination. You are back now and know you had a great time. Hug. Terry
simplyregina wrote on Jul 10, '10
Enjoy your holiday Viera,
I'm sure that you have a great time.

Hugs Regina
gloria2010 wrote on Jul 4, '10
firefysh wrote on Jul 4, '10
Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. :-)
Have a great time as well.
iggyigette wrote on Jul 4, '10
great pics! Thanks for sharing
belita747 wrote on Jul 4, '10
Wow... wonderful destination you have chosen, Viera! I'm very sure you will enjoy every minute of your holidays over there. Both islands are quite unique and I guess how busy your camera will be .... Have enjoyable days. Hugs, Belita

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