piatok 17. augusta 2012


Today is the first day of spring

°In many tales, there is a recurring theme of love being the most important aspect of a person's life.
However not only  love is the most important thing in life, but also women are in charge when it comes to love. The women in the stories are fair and beautiful like spring.
  The great feeling that spring causes is  happens because it is spring, and women are beautiful in this time too. 
The first sign of spring is flowers, they control when spring begins; a woman who is compared to a springtime flower can control when the happiness and the love begins...

litocastro5 wrote on Mar 22, '11
Thank you for this great post...the woman in the picture is really blooming like springtime flower.
jenny480 wrote on Mar 22, '11
you are as beautiful as a fresh spring flower, sis
firefysh wrote on Mar 21, '11
I hope that gentle Spring spreads her glowing mantle for you, and ushers in a golden Summer.
And I agree with Belita above. :-)
belita747 wrote on Mar 21, '11
No matter what the season is, every woman is beautiful all the year round....
gloria2010 wrote on Mar 21, '11
Good Post my dear friend, Vera.
Love is in the air how well I and others know.
Thank you, Gloria
mercianprincess wrote on Mar 21, '11
Spring = new beginnings :)

btw ..the picture is lovely :))
simplyregina wrote on Mar 21, '11
A big truth
Spring is all over us
Great post Viera
yahudi1menuhin wrote on Mar 21, '11
"love is the most important thing in life",.....certamente cara Viera

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