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I cannot believe that my stay is over.  After more than 6 months I‘ll soon be back home and … well, it is simply weird!  In a few days’ time I will looking at the pictures and thinking to myself -  “I was THERE!”

My experience in London has been incredible and it has opened my eyes to the world.
One of my teachers made an interesting statement in class.  She said, “Discovery is always late. Something has always come before.” How true is that?
So many beautiful places in the UK are so old. I was literally breathing in history throughout my stay, and it is something I will forever remember and be grateful for.
So, thank you to all my advisors and friends. Thanks for making me feel comfortable right away when I was alone and far from home
I'm going to miss walking through London's parks and streets.

I already miss London and it feels weird thinking I am going back to "My world" after spending six months in my little "London Bubble".

  I experienced London, and it is incredible to think that my stay is over. I realise now that yes, staying abroad can seem scary and intimidating. But it is so, SO, worth it and I cannot wait for the day I am able to return...



viera7 wrote on Oct 1, '11
Thank you very much for your lovely comments... It made my parting much more easier...

frankiex wrote on Aug 4, '11
And I hope you miss Young Franki Viera......Talk sometime Ok..

leosprycat wrote on Jul 27, '11
viera7 said
I cannot believe that my stay is over. After more than 6 months I‘ll soon be back home and … well, it is simply weird! In a few days’ time I will looking at the pictures and thinking to myself - “I was THERE!”
*hahaha*....Viera, I am so happy for you...
so very happy for you...*great big smile*...___
Uncle Leo

belita747 wrote on Jul 18, '11
Viera, never say goodbye but 'see you some time in the future'... I'm happy for you knowing that your experience over there was fruitful and I'm pretty sure that once back home, as you look at the awesome shots you took, very vivid and excellent memories will come into your mind. You were really a lucky lady to have had the opportunity to enjoy an overseas stay... something you couldn't learn from the best ever written book or the best ever knowledgeable teacher, either... Have a safe trip back home, Viera!

wilson236 wrote on Jul 18, '11

bendmeover wrote on Jul 18, '11
So glad you got to have that experience. I love all your pics. When you think about it, there's so many beautiful places in the world to visit, London being just one. You could spend your whole life touring the world and never see it all.

simplyregina wrote on Jul 17, '11
That is a great news Viera
I can't wait meet you again, even though I can understand that leave London is very hard.
Look forward to seeing you soon

solmar wrote on Jul 17, '11
I am in agree with you......I lived in UK many years ago...
but, dont say good bye, always London wait for us......
and friends..too......I miss England.....
Hugs and kisses, and take London in your heart for ever!

gloria2010 wrote on Jul 17, '11
I am glad that you enjoyed your trip and saw so many things that you would not have seen if you did not have the opportunity to go there. Have a safe trip home my friend. Hugs xxx and God Bless you, Gloria

graham48 wrote on Jul 17, '11
I think it's a good sign wherever you travel if you are a little sad to leave. If you were not then you would not have enjoyed it so much!
I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you while you were in the UK and I hope that we will meet again in the future as i feel that I have been lucky enough to have gained a good friend.
I send my love and good wishes for a safe journey home.
Graham x

pixielittlemagic wrote on Jul 17, '11
ah,, am sure you will come back..soon.. *when youre tired of London....youre ...tired of Life*!...samuel Johnson..
but send us photos of your home too:)[hugs]

mcmurfy1 wrote on Jul 17, '11
Have a safe trip back Viera and thanks for sharing all of the photos!

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