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Working and study abroad in London

Working and study abroad in London

My dear friends...It will be delay on my page for some weeks...Actually I'll start a new project in London and it'll take a six months...

I'll need some time to arrange all things for my stay in London for such a long time.
Although studying abroad is an exciting experience, it can sometimes be daunting...

It is like to open the book its pages are blank. I'm going to put words on them myself. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is London...


I'm going to buy a raincoat, rain-boots, and an umbrella... and you, please...wish me a luck!!!

viera7 wrote on Jan 10, '11
ecoop0601 said
Good luck with your study abroad.
Thank you Eugene...I'll need it:-)
ecoop0601 wrote on Jan 9, '11
Good luck with your study abroad. My son did study abroad in japan for 9 months. Good luck Viera. :-)
viera7 wrote on Jan 1, '11
Glad you have "Opportunity" in London.
Hmmm...make me jealous.
Thank you dear Rosa for your visit
and lovely wishes....

I'm really very happy to have this "Opportunity",
although it could be very strenuous...:-))
lovedreams7 wrote on Dec 31, '10
Aww! Good luck Viera,

Glad you have "Opportunity" in London.
Hmmm...make me jealous.
Hope you have a great time there.
Take care and God bless you!

*hugz* :-)
viera7 wrote on Dec 29, '10
grantson said
Good Luck Viera....and I know you will be ok....
Thank you Jeff a lot...I'll try my best...
viera7 wrote on Dec 29, '10
kneedesk said
We wish you all the best in your new life in London..Good luck..
Thank you very much for your wishes...Have a beautiful time as well...
viera7 wrote on Dec 29, '10
I wish you a very successful stay
in the beautiful city London
Thanks a lot dear Regina...I'm looking forward to know that beautiful city better...Hugs and smile...
viera7 wrote on Dec 29, '10
firefysh said
All the very, very best, sweet friend.
Thank you Graham... I'm sure about it...Hugs and love...
viera7 wrote on Dec 29, '10
I'll be there shortly to be with my Lisa and Matthew and Keith...
Thanks Vart... it could be a great opportunity to drink a cup of coffee there...:-))
mcmurfy1 wrote on Dec 27, '10
Have a great time and be safe Viera! Too many terrorists have infiltrated England.
frankiex wrote on Dec 27, '10
and you will also need some snow boots Viera.....oh and a lovely Dress.......as I am inviting you out for Dinner...
Hope all goes well for you Viera and take care .....Hope to see you if you allow me too...?

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