piatok 17. augusta 2012

Playing piano is a great way to relax

Playing Piano Is a
Great Way
to Relax

Most of us have a lot of stress in our lives
and it can be difficult to relax and wind
down after a long day at work or school.
It's important to find ways to effectively
manage your stress because too much of it
can lead to emotional and physical problems.

Playing the piano is one way
how we can manage our stress
and it's actually
the method I enjoy the most.
I can have a bad day at work
and be in a terrible mood
when I get home,
but once I sit down at the keyboard
and start playing I relax and
forget about my problems.

There are many different ways
to manage the stress in your life,
and once you find effective ways
of doing this you will lead a
happier and more productive life…


Never Too Early To Start !!

jenny480 wrote on Nov 9, '11
Hi Sis I love the piano, that`s your grand daughter sitting at the piano?. I sent you Alish as a contact doesnt she have some beautiful piano music. wow I listened to it yesterday and got teary, it was so beautiful. I guess you know she writes and plays her own works. What a gift from God.

bendmeover wrote on Nov 7, '11
The piano and the violin are my two favorite instruments to listen to. Lovely.

belita747 wrote on Nov 7, '11
Agree with your words, Viera! Music, either by playing an instrument or by listening to it, is a good means to release the stress one may have. The photo of your sweet princess is very pretty and I can almost listen to her do-re-mi...

firefysh wrote on Nov 7, '11
I toyally agree, Viera. :-)
I have played several types of instruments during my lifetime, and now is the only time I have been without one.

simplyregina wrote on Nov 6, '11
I agree with you and your granddaughter is adorable

:D :D

Thank You Viera

mariluz1325 wrote on Nov 6, '11

The love that we expect it to live on Earth is the love that it is abundant
in the Heavens... love has no limits or requirements... a love that everything
gives it and asks nothing.. .but as well inconditional... is powerful...
all-encompassing and it no one escape... A love that creates realities of life
and abundance for everyone without differences...

Bright.......... blessed and happy week for you!

solmar wrote on Nov 6, '11
Thats true Viera, even just listening the music......we have a breake from a hard day....

blondy2000 wrote on Nov 6, '11
Or never to late to start too...
I don't play the piano, but l love it..even when I'm only listening..
Is a relaxing time....Thanks Viera....Hugs...

gabrielal wrote on Nov 6, '11
Thank you, Vierka and I agree with you ( because I am a piano teacher )
Hugs a krásný večer

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  1. Všetky deti, ktoré ku nám chodili na návštevu, sadali vždy ku klavíru a lúdili na ňom kakofonické zvuky :-) Ďalšia téma, o ktorej som tiež na blogu písala.