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The magnificent Royal Opera House is actually
the third theatre built on the Coven Garden site.
Both the previous theaters were destroyed by fire,
a serious hazard in the era before electricity.
Work on the third and present theatre started in
1857 to designs by E.M.Barry and the new building
opened in May 1858 with a performance of Meyerbeer’s
Les Huguenots

In 1892 the teatre was renamed the Royal Opera House.

I was very glad to received the tickets for
the excellent performance

of P.I.Tchaikovsky

The famous music was originally performed
with different choreography
and found little acclaim at its premiere in 1880.

It was really a great evening...

litocastro5 wrote on Apr 13, '11
what a great ballet performance & architecture of the building!Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

belita747 wrote on Apr 11, '11
How lucky you were, Viera! Anticipating the celebration of your birthday, Lol!

viera7 wrote on Apr 11, '11
Thank you for all your lovely comments...
It was really a nice evening....
Actually it was an early gift for my oncoming
birthday, because it was a last performance
of Swan Lake this season...:-)
Further performance is in the month

firefysh wrote on Apr 11, '11
I'm Jelous. :-)
That is great, Viera. I love "Swan Lake", so to see it where you saw it would be truly excellent. :-)

yahudi1menuhin wrote on Apr 10, '11
tres interesting...

simplyregina wrote on Apr 10, '11
That is a really great ballet performance.
One of my favourite. I saw it also in Moscow some years ago.
Wish you a great time in London

mercianprincess wrote on Apr 10, '11
fantastic .a truely beautiful building
and a very interesting post
i would love the chance to go there one day :)

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