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An Elegant Soiree by Victor Gabriel Gilbert



a dance born in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria. As early as the seventeenth century, waltzes were played in the ballrooms of the Habsburg court. The weller, or turning dances, were danced by peasants in Austria and Bavaria even before that time. Many of the familiar waltz tunes can be traced back to simple peasant yodeling melodies.

During the middle of the eighteenth century, the allemande form of the waltz was very popular in France. Originally danced as one of the figures in the contredanse, with arms intertwining at shoulder level, it soon became an independent dance and the close-hold was introduced. By the end of the eighteenth century, this old Austrian peasant dance had been accepted by high society, and three-quarter rhythm was here to stay

viera7 wrote on May 18, '10
zzerozz said
Very interesting.
wow... nice to see you here...I absolutely agree with you because I have this feeling, that I was born in the wrong age as well...Maybe due to my passion to the old architecture and art...Hugs and kisses...

zzerozz wrote on May 18, '10
I am sorry I have not been in touch with you for so long. Please keep looking... deeply.

zzerozz wrote on May 18, '10
Very interesting.

I love these things V. This culture strikes an inner chord with me and makes me feel that I was born in the wrong age!

viera7 wrote on May 13, '10
Voices like that just dont' exist anymore.
Yes, you're right...Deanna Durbin was one of the biggest stars of the 30’s and 40’s. She was the favorite actress of Winston Churchill. But now she is pretty much forgotten...

Did you know Regina, that the movie sisters are living in Switzerland...?? (The movie Three smart girls with Deanna Durbin )

simplyregina wrote on May 12, '10
Voices like that just dont' exist anymore. I fell in love with her voice the first time I ever heard it. Thanks for posting the Webber’s music.

Your Birthday's dance!

viera7 wrote on May 12, '10
firefysh said
I love the waltz.
While we dance
All the world becomes
A garden of romance and moonlight
On this May night...

Thanks for your comment Graham...

viera7 wrote on May 12, '10
belita747 said
I did enjoy the music and the wonderful photos....
I love the words to von Weber's "Invitation to the Dance" that Deanna Durbin puts to this great waltz tune. Notice her low notes as well as her high notes. She can get right on top of the high ones (although she had to climb a bit for that last one) and into mezzo- soprano land when she has to. What a voice! What a talent!

viera7 wrote on May 12, '10
I have always liked to waltz
I'm sure that waltz is really the graceful dance ever...

viera7 wrote on May 12, '10
frankiex said
I love the waltz....
Me too Franki... we can perform it once...:-)

viera7 wrote on May 12, '10, edited on May 13, '10
I love Weber's Invitation to the Waltz and Diana's beautiful soprano voice is perfect for it...actually it is from the 1939 movie, "Three Smart Girls Grow Up"... Deanna Durbin performs a delightful arrangement of Weber's "Invitation to the Dance".

firefysh wrote on May 11, '10
Great information.
Thanks, Viera. :-)
I love the waltz.

belita747 wrote on May 11, '10
The waltz is an all times rhythm and its beauty and grace will last forever. I did enjoy the music and the wonderful photos.... felt like waltzing imediately....

gloria2010 wrote on May 11, '10
I have always liked to waltz - we were taught many dances in school and the waltz was one of them.

frankiex wrote on May 11, '10
I love the waltz....it can be so Romantic Viera...
Like you Sweetheart..??

jashheifetz wrote on May 10, '10

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