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I wanted to do something nice for someone VERY SPECIAL who was in my life... she was a VERY CARING person..someone that WOULD give her shirt off her back to give to someone...I know this...coz she HAD done this for me many many times...she was ALWAYS there when I needed to talk,...had a problem.. or just to said hi!!...this person had ALWAYS been around for me and my sister our entire life...she HAD GIVEN up her OWN happiness and when we were very young... and she was left to raise 2 little girls BY HERSELF...she decided to put her life on hold...this person has taught me the meaning of being a "MOTHER"...and HAD BEEN THERE for my own family... I am FOREVER GRATEFUL and so VERY THANKFUL ...that it was meant for have this person in my life...she had also given me the GREATEST gift ever...BIRTH..this person I'm referring to...was none other then...




viera7 wrote on May 11, '09
Thanks for your visit Sunai and your lovely comment....

sunaisarah wrote on May 11, '09
your words touch my innermost!
happy mother's day!

viera7 wrote on May 11, '09
Welcome Cinabear... Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughs...Happy Mother's day to you too...

runcinnamon wrote on May 11, '09
Happy Mother's Day! Ty for sharing:)

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
Thank you very much for again visiting and sharing your thoughts Mrthree...You are always most welcome...Thanks for your comment... It touched the soul of my heart...

Hope you've had a very, very, extremely,
incredibly wonderful weekend!!!! :))

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
you are most welcome Rosa...Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment....

lovesongs7 wrote on May 10, '09
What, wonderful post! Viera....
Thanks for your sharing about your mother.

Hugs and Love,
~Rosa~ :o)

mrthree wrote on May 10, '09
You are welsome, Viera. And thank you again for sharing this wonderful tribute to yorr mother. I hope many of my friends can come by today. I feel I know you better now. Three

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
Thank you for your visiting Andrew... You, too, have a wonderful day...

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
Thanks for your encouraging words Graham... I visited your page many times due to nice pictures... Enjoy this beautiful Mother's day too...

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
Thank you iggy very much for visiting here and sharing you comment... wishing you a nice Sunday...

viera7 wrote on May 10, '09
My dear belita , thanks a lot for your lovely comment...
It is a pleasure for me to be connected to such a lovely person like you...I always enjoy your post... Wish you a beautiful Mother's day...

andxrr wrote on May 10, '09
Very nice Viera. Happy mothers day

firefysh wrote on May 10, '09
Beautiful words, Viera. :-)

iggyigette wrote on May 10, '09
that's a very nice dedication

belita747 wrote on May 10, '09
Viera,my dear friend, what a beautiful tribute to the nice Lady who gave birth to a WOMAN like you... Respecting Mothers' memory, following their principles and values on our daily life are a kind of continuous and continued extension of themselves... Let's not stop doing it... Wishing you a nice Mother's Day... Hugs, Belita

viera7 wrote on May 9, '09
Thank you Kammy for your visit a lovely comment...Have a nice Sunday...and enjoy Mother's day with your family...

kammy627 wrote on May 9, '09
beautiful. thats how i feel about my lucky 2 still have her in my life. this is a beautiful tribute

viera7 wrote on May 9, '09
mrthree said
You and I have something in common = our mothers were wonderful human beings.
that's true ...and they are deep in our thought for ever...Thanks for your visit here...

viera7 wrote on May 9, '09
Your Mother is an Angel,
you are right Frank, my Mother was an Angel... and we are missing her so much....

mrthree wrote on May 9, '09
You and I have something in common = our mothers were wonderful human beings. Priceless. Irreplaceable. My mother passed away 3 years ago and Mother's Day puts me deep in thought every year since then. That is why I appreciate this wonderful blog so much. I want to recommend it tomorrow. Will you open it to the public? Hug. Three

frankiex wrote on May 9, '09

Dear Viera
Your Mother is an Angel, A true Angel. I can see how proud of her you are..God Blees you and your family Viera....
Love to you and your Family

viera7 wrote on May 9, '09
What a great tribute to the person who gave birth to you
Thank you sweetie for your lovely comment...My Mother was really very special for me...

viera7 wrote on May 9, '09
Happy mothers day dear Viera
Thank you dear Vart...when I was born - it was also Mother's day....

believemenot wrote on May 9, '09
Oh, sweetie! You got me so emotional!
What a great tribute to the person who gave birth to you and for whom you have been the whole world!

jashheifetz wrote on May 9, '09
Happy mothers day dear Viera

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