piatok 17. augusta 2012

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

One of the greatest voices ever is gone
My thoughts and prayers
are with her family and friends...
Whitney, may you now
have the peace
so you desperately
sought while on earth.

 Many will miss
the talent you shared...


rosamaria55 wrote on Jul 22

viera7 wrote on Jul 17
Thank you so much for honoring her.
you're welcome...

sistahpoet wrote on Jul 14
Thank you so much for honoring her.

eddiemultiplyweb wrote on Mar 9
accept me as friend Please,....

viera7 wrote on Mar 9
Thanks Eddie for your comment and visiting my page...

eddiemultiplyweb wrote on Mar 9
RIP Whitney Houston i missed her music
greetings Eddie,...

viera7 wrote on Mar 9, edited on Mar 9
yes Uncle Leo...Many will miss

the talent which she shared...definitely...

leosprycat wrote on Mar 9
Yes, Viera, it's so very sad, isn't it?...
So heartbreaking...so sad...___
Uncle Leo

michaeln2008 wrote on Feb 23
Lovely Lady....... RIP

viera7 wrote on Feb 19
RIP Whitney... an amazing voice
has been silenced here on earth
but the angels in Heaven
are enjoying it now I'm sure...

Thanks for all your comments...

oletimes wrote on Feb 17
Rest in peace Whitney! Your voice will be with me forever!

dmvan wrote on Feb 14
Lovely memorial, Viera. It's such a shame she couldn't overcome her demons.

honey4evr wrote on Feb 14
Whitney will truly be missed...she had an amazing voice.

solmar wrote on Feb 14
A voice for ever...........singing in heaven......
Thanks Viera.

jenny480 wrote on Feb 13
May you rest in peace. You will be missed.

litocastro5 wrote on Feb 13
We will surely miss one of the greatest song artist...Amen!

clearday wrote on Feb 12
....this is all so very sad, and I hope the Lord has received her.

firefysh wrote on Feb 12
Amen, Viera, amen.

rennaissanceman wrote on Feb 12
very nice memorial to her... she will be missed.

thespiritedone wrote on Feb 12
Beautiful. R.I.P.

A beautiful voice, a beautiful soul laid to rest.
She will be sorely missed.

hugs oxo

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