štvrtok 16. augusta 2012

My first love

My first love...


My first love? Mmmmm, that always puts tears in  my eyes...
There isn't a day when I don't think about him and worry whether or not he's doing okay for himself in the world...

      Do I remember my first love?


You bet I do, like it was yesterday -- and it's been so many years, but I still remember what he looked like and how much I loved him...

We were passionate about everything - loving each other, fighting with each other, even passionate when we were trying to hurt each other...

My first love made my heart beat faster, gave me butterflies in my stomach and played the part of the bad girl, but he had a heart of gold underneath, which is what made me fall in love with him. It made me feel so wonderful...

   Do you remember your first love?

Almost a silly question! Of course we do, intensely, passionately, maybe just a little sadly. Whether he's still by your side or just a memory that causes a sweet ache in your heart when you think about him,

After so many years, just thinking about our first loves seems to send our hearts a-flutter. What is it about our first loves that grips our imaginations, even five, ten, twenty years past the fact? Whatever the cause and whoever it was, the one we first loved seems to be a permanent part of our consciousness.

We can't forget him -- and who would want to?

frankiex wrote on Mar 13, '10
Actually I did have and remember my first real love especially at this time of the year...It was my first wife who`s birthday would have been on 13 March..Sadly God had other needs for her and my baby girl.....
Always on my mind....My first Love......
Thank you Viera...
viera7 wrote on Feb 6, '10
I've only had one true love, and I married him.
Thank you Regina for your lovely message...I know your sad story and I hope you'll find a big love again... Have a nice weekend...
viera7 wrote on Feb 6, '10
belita747 said
Men always want to be a woman's first love
I found Oscar Wilde alwys as a clever man...Have a nice weekend Belita...
viera7 wrote on Feb 6, '10
frankiex said
Still looking for my first Love Viera...:):)
You will make it with a bit of luck Franky...:-)
simplyregina wrote on Feb 5, '10
I've only had one true love, and I married him.
We started dating senior year of high school
and got married six years later.
I just knew from the beginning that he was 'the one'.
I don't know why, but I believe we were meant to be.

Great blog Viera.
Wish you a Happy Valentine .
belita747 wrote on Feb 5, '10
Lovely blog, Viera! Quoting Oscar Wilde “Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man's last romance.”
frankiex wrote on Feb 4, '10
Still looking for my first Love Viera...:):)

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