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Island is known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, the floating Garden. Has a mild climate throughout the entire year.
Discovered early in the 15th century by the Portuguese navigators João Gonçalves Zarco.
Madeira is brimming with smiles and is famed for its amazing variety
of walking terrain with an extraordinarily dramatic coastline and towering sea cliffs. There are breathtaking gorges, deep ravines and a network of peaceful levadas that wander across the open moorlands up to the wild and rugged mountains.
Have a look at those gorgeous photos- slide.

viera7 wrote on Dec 13, '09
Thank you very much for your visit Vincenzo...

vincenzo1903 wrote on Dec 13, '09
you from the island even more beautiful.

viera7 wrote on Oct 5, '09
vitrocas said
For all of this, you convence me to go in my next trip to Madeira too. Your guilt... :-))
Believe me Vitor.. to visit Madeira it is a very nice idea and you'll like it, definitely

Thanks for your visit and lovely words...

a big hugs back from Bratislava


vitrocas wrote on Sep 30, '09
How do you do and your family?
I just arrive from my vacations time.
I see that you visit Madeira Island (and now you have a nice collection of photos to show).
For all of this, you convence me to go in my next trip to Madeira too. Your guilt... :-))
Thanks also for the beautiful Music in your site.
Kisses of friendship from Portugal to you.

viera7 wrote on Sep 18, '09
very nice
Thank you vincenzo for visiting my blog ...glad that you like it...

vincenzo1903 wrote on Sep 17, '09
very nice

viera7 wrote on Sep 10, '09
Thank you Fred a lot for your comment...I mean it is not very hard to take a great pictures from such a beautiful island...It is really worthy to visitiing...Have a nice time ...

robbekop wrote on Sep 10, '09
Not for you Viera , making such a beautiful presentation , well it is only given to people with guiding skills .
Which we all know you have them !!
Anyway thanks -- you did a great job !!

viera7 wrote on Sep 8, '09
Thank you Graham for your visit... It is not a big problem to make a great presentation of a beautiful island...Hugs...

viera7 wrote on Sep 8, '09
It seems that your daughter is for a such holiday too young...That island is more for beautiful Levada walks, to take an active holiday or a restful break... She will like it later...

viera7 wrote on Sep 8, '09
belita747 said
Viera, for your wonderful tribute to that tiny Portuguese island!
Madeira is just a truly gorgeous island. It's green and beautiful, and the people are really wonderful. I've definitely got to get back there one day ...For me it is one of the most gorgeous places on earth....

firefysh wrote on Sep 8, '09
Beautiful presentation.
Thanks, Viera. :-)

frankiex wrote on Sep 7, '09
What a beautiful Island..Viera..My daughter went out there last year but didnt like it there...
I think she wnt to the wrong place ..Your photos look great...
Thank Viera..

belita747 wrote on Sep 7, '09
As a Portuguese national, I feel touched by the gorgeous slideshow... you captured the beauty of the Pearl in such an artistic way that you have made it more beautiful at my eyes than ever. Thanks so very much, Viera, for your wonderful tribute to that tiny Portuguese island!

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