štvrtok 16. augusta 2012


Actually I'm already finish my big project for the branch of Austrian bank...so would you like to join me for a fresh coffee or tea...?

A poet once described friends as ”the sunshine of life.” I myself have found that the day is certainly much brighter when I’m sharing it with my friends. Enjoying friendship is one of life’s sweetest blessings and joys. What would we do without people and the many shadings of companionship and camaraderie? We need friends in our lives, friends with whom we not only discuss ”deep” issues and confide our secrets, fears, or sorrows, but with whom we can laugh, play, and even cry. The best times in life are made a thousand times better when shared with a dear friend.
Camaraderie is definitely a part of friendship, and camaraderie it self can often produce friendships, too. When we reach out to others, they reach out to us. It’s a two-way street, a street practically lined with balloons and streamers in celebration of the unique bonds of friendship.

Friends are indeed the ”sunshine of Life.” ...at least for me...

raynman777 wrote on Jun 18, '09
I couldn't have said it better. There's also a saying that goes something like this: "Friends are God's way of making up for some family members. " LOL Good friends really brighten your life.

That's an awesome pic, and the music makes me want to get up and dance. Thanks for the smile. :)

thuytinh9999 wrote on Jun 18, '09
We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.

rangered64 wrote on Jun 18, '09
Beautifully written !!! Thank you for sharing Viera !!!

firefysh wrote on Jun 18, '09
Lovely words, and I agree completely. :-)
Thanks Viera.

believemenot wrote on Jun 17, '09
Being late in the night, I would prefer tea! :)
Thank you for being my friend, Viera!

Nice post!

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