streda 15. augusta 2012


The best way to discover Lisbon is to get lost in its narrow streets and up and down roads. Every narrow street will tell you a different story and every story will reach to your heart easily

But the most beautiful way to discover the greatest moments of other country is - to have (thanks Yahoo 360 and Multiply) such a gorgeous friend like Belita , who make you feel as if you have been in a fairy land...
Thanks so very much for the great moments of scenery I have had with you in your beautiful country...

At Sintra - shopping

belita747 wrote on Sep 2, '08
Your post is super!!! No need to thank me for having hosted you. I was happy to have had the chance to join you in exploring Lisbon and some of its outskirts. It's always nice to notice how this country is presented at foreigner's eyes and you, specially. You always showed a great interest in our art and a special talent to get excellent captures. Amazing to me, touching to me, indeed! Thanks for sharing on here stunning pictures of your stay in Portugal. Keep well, my good friend. Hugs, Belita
belita747 wrote on Sep 3, '08
Back again on here. Once more, I have got delighted by your talent...Hugs, Belita
viera7 wrote on Sep 3, '08
Thanks belita...But now it is really very hard to come back to my place of work...It was much better to take a picture and admire the beautiful view of the ocean or architecture...The stay in your country was for me soooo relaxing...Hugs back to you...
belita747 wrote on Sep 3, '08
Well, Viera, such is life....enjoyable times blended with professional duties...Have a nice rest of the week. Hugs, Belita
robbekop wrote on Sep 4, '08
I'm glad to see you Viera -- as I can see you have got a great time in Lisbon with you friend Belita -- thank you for the nice pictures :-)
You see -- meeting internet friends can be real !!
Bye .
viera7 wrote on Sep 4, '08
you are right Fred, the time in Lisbon was very nice, I took about 500 pictures there...Actually it's rain there at this moment...So soon will come weekend and I 'm looking forward to it... Have a nice time...and thanks for your visit...
belita747 wrote on Sep 4, '08
500 shots, not amazing to me. You were all the time shooting! Fortunately, the sky cleared up and I could enjoy a very nice golfing day. Have a nice evening...
viera7 wrote on Sep 4, '08
I hope that you have been enjoyed your golfing day very well dear Belita...I can imagine how you missed it.. Iam so sorry that I were so much shoting, but your city is so gorgeous....
mrthree wrote on Sep 11, '08
So far, so very beautiful! Lisbon looks to be scenic plus! Great photos. Especially the last one!!! Three
viera7 wrote on Sep 11, '08
that's right Three, definitely...Lisbon looks very good...I'm glad to see you here...

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