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That is to say we have our own way,
we always say what is right on this side and
what is not, and what is right on the other side
and what is not.
It should be clear to everyone that we cannot
be no ones appendage of nobody, that
we have our own point of view and that we know
the worth of what is right and what is not right

(Canon IXUS 500, Lisbon, August 2008)
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guazzetto25 wrote on Sep 12, '08
I love your pic too. it's well done and the perspective is interesting. where did you shoot it?. ty for visitin' mine. ahoj
dianahopeless wrote on Sep 12, '08
What a beautiful and mysterious photo. Mysterious because we don't know what it is of, only that it is lovely.
locke100 wrote on Sep 12, '08
mjrohn wrote on Sep 12, '08
Brilliant shot there. LOVE it too!
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belita747 wrote on Sep 12, '08
Viera, thanks for posting a photo taken during yout recent stay here, in Lisbon. Excellent Perspective over the Tagus river as seen from the Belem Tower.
liz44 wrote on Sep 12, '08
Great shot..very unique!
mamoonelsiddik wrote on Sep 12, '08
Fantastic shot Vierra, nice job

drwoe wrote on Sep 12, '08
monaswe2007 wrote on Sep 12, '08
miadelight wrote on Sep 12, '08
Excellent shot with a perspective of several things. Thanks Belita for saying what it is lol
mimisplace wrote on Sep 12, '08
Peaceful perspective... I love over looking water... wish I could do it in sucha pretty scenery.
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dannidoodles74 wrote on Sep 12, '08
dawn4 wrote on Sep 12, '08
pacificopal wrote on Sep 12, '08
wonderful view. Makes me want to lean over and see around that corner
cfbookchick wrote on Sep 12, '08
Beautiful -- so peaceful and serene.
hinkbone wrote on Sep 12, '08
I love the way the stone wall frames the left side of the pic, very nice!
mykhall wrote on Sep 12, '08
that is a great shot love the ocean view in the back

My entry for the week
tinafranc wrote on Sep 12, '08
The piece of stone is lovely, and I love the sea on the background...nice shot.
ladyexpat wrote on Sep 12, '08
Very nice! I love shots that are framed. Always gives a great perspective.
Thanks for dropping by.
j5uliana wrote on Sep 12, '08
Great shot!!! Good take on the theme. Thanks for visiting mine!
pasttimes wrote on Sep 12, '08
Several levels to that shot...neat place to be
dews24u wrote on Sep 12, '08
empressselena wrote on Sep 12, '08
What an interesting view. Makes one wonder what the rest looks like!

Empress C's PP
aslowread wrote on Sep 12, '08
wow...wonderful words and an even better picture..great job!!!
trayne wrote on Sep 12, '08
beautiful, and I can almost smell the salt water and feel the mist in the breeze.. great shot.
Wonderful framing and compostion..
I like you perspective on this.
Thanks for visiting mine
megabox15 wrote on Sep 12, '08
Absolutely beautiful ,
cool2523danda wrote on Sep 12, '08
lovely shot!
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
buch68 wrote on Sep 12, '08
gorgeous view... i so miss the ocean!!!
wanderingdeity wrote on Sep 13, '08
looks to me like someone is hiding somewhere, admiring the beautiful vast view.
thanks for sharing a piece of your country and the visit:)
swagseeker wrote on Sep 13, '08
Lisbon is so very beautiful as I am learning from Belita! Very nice perspective and shot.
gilesy01 wrote on Sep 13, '08
The weather looks gorgeous. Glad you and belita had such a good time.
arthog9 wrote on Sep 13, '08
interesting shot. now i am missing the ocean!
thanks for your visit.
millimusings wrote on Sep 13, '08
Thank you so much for the visit.
Picture Perfect: Perspective
purplerosew wrote on Sep 13, '08
A great picture - the shadows, the ocean, and the perspective. Really nice.

Thanks for visiting & commenting on mine.
lindao6 wrote on Sep 13, '08
OH!!!! So very beautiful ~ like something out of a dream!!!!
What a great place to be!!!!
Thank you so much for your visit and comment!!!!!
My Picture Perfect Friday ~ Perspective
amalie2 wrote on Sep 13, '08
awww..lovely one, this smells of summer!

ty for visiting me!
busterp wrote on Sep 13, '08
Nice view. Looks like a lovely place. Great perspective too.
terrencew wrote on Sep 13, '08
The height above the water and the limestone(?) frame create the perspective. Fine work.
Thanks for your visit.
awakingthelion wrote on Sep 13, '08
What a cool spot and great view!
justjenna wrote on Sep 13, '08
I would love to wake up that every day! great shot! thanks for the visit to my first entry.

pestep55 wrote on Sep 13, '08
Absolutely beautiful /:-)
dreamzonforever wrote on Sep 14, '08
That's a great shot, vierra.

DreamzOnForever’s PPF entry - Perspective
fotofriday wrote on Sep 14, '08
This makes me want to lean out and see what it is down below. Great perspective!
for Picture Perfect
twicem wrote on Sep 16, '08, edited on Sep 16, '08
oceankinguk2003 wrote on Sep 20, '08
Sorry I was late getting back I have a really busy week! Your is a lovley shot, thanks for your visit and comment Baz
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