streda 15. augusta 2012


I’ll give you all a break for a 14 days. Tomorrow is starting my holiday time at last...I leave this picture for you to observe in my absence that beautiful Turkish architecture.

When I return I'll have more to share. Until the next time...take care


The elegant, fluted minaret og the Yivli Minareli Mosque in the center of the city, built in the 13th century, has become Antalya's symbol


Amphitheatre - probably dates from the 2nd century AD . Only the upper rows of the auditorium are missing


afroditediosa wrote on Sep 12, '08
oh i love turkiye
belita747 wrote on Sep 12, '08
Yesss...Turkey is a very beautiful country with stunning architecture from the old times. I am quite sure you will be all the time using your camera... plenty of marvellous will tell me upon your return back...Enjoy your holidays, my friend.
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
timecoding wrote on Sep 12, '08
Take lots of photos to post when you return, baby!!!


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