streda 15. augusta 2012


Last night on my holiday in Antalya was connected with a lightning storm accompanied by heavy rain.
I encountered an amazing sight from the hotel's balcony...
A bolt of lightning joined the clouds with the ground


(Canon  DIGITAL IXUS 960 IS, Antalya,Turkey September 2008)
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Antalya, Belek

at the daytime

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ladywolf11 wrote on Sep 21, '08
beautiful, in all of Natures Glory,
thank you
ladywolf11 wrote on Sep 21, '08
oh I forgot to ask, May I borrow this picture for my collection of nature? I use them for backdrops for my page.
have a good day
vickiecollins wrote on Sep 21, '08
Great picture, and great. Also thanks for visiting my entry.
ladykatya wrote on Sep 21, '08
what a beautiful shot
ty for stopping by
jools4 wrote on Sep 21, '08
wonderful..cok guzel
lorasprouls wrote on Sep 21, '08
miadelight wrote on Sep 21, '08
Viera, that is the most fantastic shot I have ever seen! It looks like something out of a fairy tale or Lord of the Rings! What is that building that is all lit up? It looks like a castle with turrets and the like. That shot is prize winning!

Thanks for coming by mine.
tabbynera wrote on Sep 21, '08
That is a fantastic photo - looks like a scene from a horror film - Dracula comes to my mind
guazzetto25 wrote on Sep 21, '08
wow it's beautiful. what castle is that? ty for passing by
pasttimes wrote on Sep 21, '08
Such an outstanding are just too good
cyn402002 wrote on Sep 21, '08
simply it
thanks for stopping by mine and your kind words!
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
mrpiggy001 wrote on Sep 21, '08
I almost used this kind of picture myself , but my pic was nothing compared to this, just love it.
now you used a long exposure on this ? im just curious the timing
starfishred wrote on Sep 21, '08
trayne wrote on Sep 21, '08
Beautiful shot, that is just awesome... great to be in the right place at the right time WITH a camera.
Nice job

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your compliment
lynne4 wrote on Sep 21, '08
OH wow ... thats a stunning picture .... nothing beats being able to capture nature .... Nice take!
shailajamohan wrote on Sep 21, '08
Awesome picture!
ladywolf11 wrote on Sep 21, '08
thank you and have a good good day, awesome picture
arthog9 wrote on Sep 21, '08
love it. the slightly blurred castle in the foreground coupled with the colors gives it a kind of spooky beauty.
thanks for the visit and comment.
belita747 wrote on Sep 21, '08 dear friend could make a stunning photo of that nature 'phenomenum'!!! Thanks so very much for your visit and comment dropped. You can understand very well why I always take pictures at food dishes at restaurants. I never know whether sooner or later they can be of great use...that was the case. Hope your stay over there comes to the end leaving you nice memories of all those days in that 'exotic' country. Hugs, Belita
j5uliana wrote on Sep 21, '08
That is a truly awesome photo!! Thanks for visiting mine!
ummancan wrote on Sep 21, '08
WOOOOOWWW Wonderful picture for the theme.
How nice that you are in my country.Can you stop by Ankara so that we can meet?
Thanks for your visit and comment on mine.
octoberwitch wrote on Sep 21, '08
This is an awesome shot, just great, wish I had it framed on my wall!!
tagoota wrote on Sep 21, '08
serenole wrote on Sep 21, '08
Terrific capture! Oh.. and if you look at the clouds like I do..**rolls eyes**. perhaps you'll see the "Smurf" on it's belly...with the lightening coming out of it's toes!

and THANK YOU for your wonderful comment on my photo!
stosoned wrote on Sep 21, '08
hinkbone wrote on Sep 21, '08
I have been trying to catch lightning for so long now. You did it! Great shot! Thanks for stopping by mine
buch68 wrote on Sep 21, '08
outstanding!!! what a great capture!!! :-D
monaswe2007 wrote on Sep 21, '08
wow!! fantastic shot!! Love it =o) Thanks for dropping by!
tinafranc wrote on Sep 21, '08
that is amazing...thanks for the visit.
sharonl344 wrote on Sep 21, '08
Incredible chance of getting that in a photo , stunning !!!
aussiechic66 wrote on Sep 21, '08
thats is a fantastic photo!! I am still yet to get a perfect lightning strike..
Thanx for visiting my entry...
busterp wrote on Sep 21, '08
I have faulty (slow internet - fixed tuesday?) so my comments are few today but I always try to stop by your's. This is the best I've seen. Awesome capture. Glad I made it by. It could be a poster for a scary movie. !!!!!!!!!!!!
photographicpassions wrote on Sep 21, '08
That's just downright eerie!
pestep55 wrote on Sep 21, '08
Great pic -- it has a fairy tale kind of look and catching the lightning is awesome /:-)
wanderingdeity wrote on Sep 21, '08
that's a really really amazing shot... you captured it the soul of the lightning.
thanks for the visit.
rowe85 wrote on Sep 21, '08
wow! the colors are so powerful! awesome shot, viera...",)
thanks for viewing my joined sand and sea entry!
millimusings wrote on Sep 21, '08
You surely got the photo of the moment there it is powerful and beautiful.
thanks for your visit too.
Picture Perfect: Joined.
ladysiriusneeds wrote on Sep 21, '08
An awesome shot of nature there! love it
Thanks for stopping by mine
adeguing wrote on Sep 21, '08
It's like Cinderella's castle or something :) just kidding.
I love the combination between the thunder light and the castle.
ninakobie wrote on Sep 21, '08
WOW! That is something. I love it.

Thank you for your comments on mine.
viera7 wrote on Sep 22, '08, edited on Sep 22, '08
...a very similar pic from the next hotel at daytime....

dawn4 wrote on Sep 22, '08
What a cool shot! Thanks for stopping by mine!
missaldith wrote on Sep 22, '08
Breathtaking beautiful. The picture is magical
donnavaughan wrote on Sep 22, '08
amazing, do you have a light sensitive trigger or something ? I am terrified of storms so I will sadly never got that kind of shot, but you have done brilliantly
dixxebell wrote on Sep 22, '08
What a moment you captured...I love it!
Thanks for the visit.
lilwolfsis wrote on Sep 22, '08
wow! that's a great lightening shot! awesome photo! and thanx for stopping by!
sweets4you wrote on Sep 22, '08
passionate4jc wrote on Sep 22, '08
Oh wow! That is one of those shots you are just lucky to get...quite exceptional! The colors of the black and white contrasted with the yellow is just phenomonal.
thanks for coming by my page.
hedgewitch9 wrote on Sep 22, '08

I love this shot, congrats!

Thanks for visit!
purplebutterfly2 wrote on Sep 22, '08
Amazing shot and perfect timing...Great job. thanks for the comment
foc2007 wrote on Sep 23, '08
awesome pic
soliloquydownunder wrote on Sep 23, '08
this is a winner! simply spectacular shot, well done! thanks for the visit ;-)
robbekop wrote on Sep 23, '08
Goodness Viera --that's a fantastic picture -- you where on the right place (terras) and on the right time ( dark ) to shot this pic !
I think this picture will be a winner on picture perfect , I'm sure about it .
dews24u wrote on Sep 23, '08
Awesome take on the theme!

Thanks for the visit :-)
"Joined" - For Picture Perfect
justmetanya wrote on Sep 23, '08
Amazing picture.. You did a great job capturing the lightning :)
darlene57 wrote on Sep 24, '08
O'wow I love your photo, Beautiful take~ thanks for seeing mine~smilies~d
frannier wrote on Sep 25, '08
Wow, this is a fabulous photo... it's hard to capture moments like this... beautiful.
fineattitude wrote on Sep 25, '08
It's a great photo buts it a little spooky...............thanks for stopping by.
gregzook wrote on Sep 26, '08
That's a great photograph!

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