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Traditional hand painted old cupboard from Turkey



(Canon DIGITAL IXUS 960 IS, Antalya,Turkey September 2008)
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amalie2 wrote on Sep 26, '08
aww such a gorgeous cupboard! the colours, the ornaments..just lovely!
ann360 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Viera, this is a lovely antique, I especially like the color! U own this?
karen21445 wrote on Sep 26, '08
pasttimes wrote on Sep 26, '08
It was actually someones private garage way out in the middle of no where.

That is an interesting piece you have there...Chinese?
tabbynera wrote on Sep 26, '08
that is really beautiful - the work involved is very impressive
naarta wrote on Sep 26, '08
foc2007 wrote on Sep 26, '08
nice picture
poetessgarden wrote on Sep 26, '08
now that is old and a piece of art!
pestep55 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Absolutely beautiful piece of furniture /:-)
joanne7111 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Wow! That's beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by mine :-)
cyn402002 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Thanks for stopping by mine!!
mjrohn wrote on Sep 26, '08
Love that piece! Great shot.
Feel free to check out my take: Slightly Old Fashioned
guazzetto25 wrote on Sep 26, '08
lovely. dekuj sladka pritelkyne. dobre nouc. ciao
monaswe2007 wrote on Sep 26, '08
wow that is a beautiful piece and great shot! Thanks for coming by
lindalady1114 wrote on Sep 26, '08
OH, wow! That is sensational! What a great piece.

Thank you for stopping by my PPF and commenting.
mimisplace wrote on Sep 26, '08
A piece of art for sure! Great shot.
Click here for my ppf
wickedlyinnocent wrote on Sep 26, '08
What a beautiful antique,very special. Thanks for dropping by.
ninakobie wrote on Sep 26, '08
Absolutely lovely.
Thank you for your visit.
jansen68 wrote on Sep 26, '08
I love antiques. This picture is my fave. Thanks for your comment on mine.
chrisakasweets wrote on Sep 26, '08
is this yours? if so, u r lucky!... its beautiful.. love the details..
ummancan wrote on Sep 26, '08
WOOOOW I have to thank you for posting an article from my country.It was very nice to see that.
Nice picture of a really neat work.
sassyangelac wrote on Sep 26, '08
mamoonelsiddik wrote on Sep 26, '08
That's a wonderful

Thanks for the visit
daddyonboard wrote on Sep 26, '08
very nice, what was it used for? an armoir or does it have shelves in it?
cherokee2 wrote on Sep 26, '08
bennett1 wrote on Sep 26, '08
What wonderful detail!! Thanks for visiting mine. So nice to meet people from around the world.
lilwolfsis wrote on Sep 26, '08
j5uliana wrote on Sep 26, '08
Just beautiful!!! Good photo! Thanks for visiting mine!
natty013 wrote on Sep 26, '08
So colourfull! Lovely cupboard.
Thank you for stopping by....
barb4sun wrote on Sep 26, '08
That is a beautiful piece of furniture. Great take on the theme! Thanks for stopping by mine also.
littleronnie wrote on Sep 26, '08
Oh that is beautiful. I want one of those too. LOL. Thanks for dropping by mine.
trayne wrote on Sep 26, '08
Wow that is awesome... can you imagine the time it took to do that...
v ery nice

Thanks for stopping by
mrpiggy001 wrote on Sep 26, '08
wow very ornate and intricately decorated. great item
ladysabrina64068 wrote on Sep 26, '08
terrencew wrote on Sep 26, '08
What a neat-looking gadget! Fine photo and take on the theme.
Wonder what's in there.
Thanks for your visit.
belita747 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Wow...Viera...I had expected something like that from you!!! Had some feeling...great shot!

Thanks for your visit and comment dropped on mine.
gypsymoonlight wrote on Sep 26, '08
Thats beautiful.Would love to have that in my home.maudie
dixxebell wrote on Sep 26, '08
A gorgeous piece...I would love to own it..
Thanks for the visit.
tinafranc wrote on Sep 26, '08
wow, what an ornate piece of art...beautiful!
loveangel94 wrote on Sep 26, '08
Thanks for stopping by your photo is beautiful.
miadelight wrote on Sep 26, '08
Great photo Viera and what an awesome piece of furniture.
Thanks for coming by mine.
Enjoy your weekend.
justmetanya wrote on Sep 26, '08
fotofriday wrote on Sep 26, '08
oh gosh that is incredibly the colours!
purplerosew wrote on Sep 26, '08
A wonderful piece of furniture, great color and detail.

Thanks for the comment on mine.
lorasprouls wrote on Sep 27, '08
How beautiful! Well taken care of! Thank you for stopping by my page. Have a wonderful weekend!
clearstar wrote on Sep 27, '08
millimusings wrote on Sep 27, '08
Old fashioned beauty..A lovely piece of history.
Thanks for the visit.
Picture Perfect ~ Old Fashioned
soliloquydownunder wrote on Sep 27, '08
lovely art and shot! yes, people had more time in their hands in the old days, thus more creative and patient! ;-)
planetrosi wrote on Sep 27, '08
Oh that is lovely too. So many wonderful pics. Thanks.
melbagabuya wrote on Sep 27, '08
campinguy wrote on Sep 27, '08
Very nice looking, too nice to use every day, know what I mean?
antyharton wrote on Sep 27, '08
That's a very impressive cupboard. I love old fashioned furnitures. They look so grand :-).
maryr1 wrote on Sep 27, '08
Lovely cupboard and great photo. Thank you for your visit
drwoe wrote on Sep 27, '08
Awesome shot Vierra

Joel's Old Fashioned Entry
newsdoggg wrote on Sep 27, '08
so intricate, Viera! ... workmanship like that is gone for the most part ... great image ... 9 woofs!
wanderingdeity wrote on Sep 27, '08
that's an ultra fab cupboard. you own it?
thanks for the visit.
donnavaughan wrote on Sep 27, '08
such great attention to detail, what a thing of beauty. Great shot
buch68 wrote on Sep 27, '08
love the colors... there was a lot of skilled work put into making this... very nicely shot... well done!
bittersweetey wrote on Sep 27, '08
What a beautiful piece... you don't see stuff like that over here! Thanks for sharing!
empressselena wrote on Sep 27, '08
Ooo very pretty. I love antiques like this.

Empress C's PP
ruggedman wrote on Sep 27, '08
I like the colors, Im just usd to wood tones only.....nice
freedomwriting wrote on Sep 27, '08
I like it yours??????? it looks like a museum piece.......
nawheera wrote on Sep 28, '08
Absolutely gorgeous. Imagine the many, many hours that must have gone into making this piece.

Thanks for visiting my page.
kia909 wrote on Sep 28, '08
What a nice cupboard! I love your picture!
lindao6 wrote on Sep 28, '08
Old fashioned and beautiful!!! It is just so colorful! Looks like a lot of work went into building this!
Thank you so much for your visit to my PPF!
jjguerrero wrote on Sep 28, '08
wow! so intricate. so that's turkey art. It's so classic. It looks like a blend of east and the oriental. it's so colorful.
thanks for visiting my site.
johnoh wrote on Sep 28, '08
Wow, a work of art and furniture!!! That is fantastic Viera. The carved 'lattice work' on the top is unbelievable!!
gkluit wrote on Sep 28, '08
That is so lovely. Such a nice piece of handicraft work.
serenole wrote on Sep 28, '08
GORGEOUS!! I'm sure that took quite a bit of time to make, too. Great idea, and nice shot!

thanks for pullin in my station for a fill up! :)
twicem wrote on Sep 28, '08
Very nicely detailed woodwork too...great shot...

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