streda 15. augusta 2012


Indian summer
is a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn full of color and charm, not long before winter...
Again the leaves come fluttering down,

Slowly, silently, one by one

Scarlet, and crimson, and gold, and brown,

Willing to fall, for their work is done...


(Canon IXUS 500,  City public Library, Berlin,  October 2008)
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mikerafael wrote on Oct 31, '08
tabbynera wrote on Oct 31, '08
The Autumn leaves in town - very original - good shot
belita747 wrote on Oct 31, '08
Wow....fantastic shot, Viera! Beautiful angles...gorgeous colours!

Thanks for your visit and comment dropped on mine.
vickiecollins wrote on Oct 31, '08
Wonderful colors, wish I had some of them close...everything here just seems sodden and bland..LOL
lamemory wrote on Oct 31, '08
How stunning! the contrasts between the granite walls and flame colored leaves.
Thanks for stopping by mine.
chrisakasweets wrote on Oct 31, '08
Stunning!. I love how the leaves surround the statue on the wall.. thanks for the comment on mine.
rachel70 wrote on Oct 31, '08
Stunning picture - love the colours!
poetessgarden wrote on Oct 31, '08
What a beautiful place to be!
tinafranc wrote on Oct 31, '08
Oh my, oh my...such a stunning building with those clinging colorful vines...Am I correct to call them vines?..Great job on the theme, Viera!
gentlespirit01 wrote on Oct 31, '08
This is incredible! My daughter is in Germany right now for training for a mission. I pray she gets to see something as wonderful as this!!
millimusings wrote on Oct 31, '08
Splendid photo well done with the capture here.
Picture Perfect ~ Seasonal
stosoned wrote on Oct 31, '08
Wonderful photo and great take on the theme.

Here is mine
sharonl344 wrote on Oct 31, '08
Wow I really love how those leaves creep up the building and now are changing colours , just beautiful !!
ninakobie wrote on Oct 31, '08
Beautiful architecture and lovely climbing vines on the walls. Great shot.
mrpiggy001 wrote on Oct 31, '08
frannier wrote on Oct 31, '08
I love this photo ,the colors are beautiful, along with the structure of the building. Beautiful!
snaphappy13 wrote on Oct 31, '08, edited on Nov 2, '08
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE... did I say: "LOVE"... the framing and the dimension in this shot... BEAUTIFULLY composed and exposed... Very nice!

THANKS GEO! OOOPS! Just so many to keep track of!
timecoding wrote on Oct 31, '08
Wonderful, this.
azpitcher wrote on Oct 31, '08
excellent pic
goingplatinum wrote on Oct 31, '08
love the peacefulness this seems to bring
thanks for stopping by
This time of year I am having fall the leaves are changing.
cyn402002 wrote on Nov 1, '08
Gorgeous it!
thanks for your visit!
dannidoodles74 wrote on Nov 1, '08
Just love this shot, great framing of the colors!
ann360 wrote on Nov 1, '08
This is really gorgeous.. the silhouette of the foreground complements the whole image

Thanks for visiting mine.
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
adeguing wrote on Nov 1, '08
The building and the vines are really beautiful. Nice shot.
believemenot wrote on Nov 1, '08
Awesome picture!
dmimi wrote on Nov 1, '08
Aooo great shot of that building full of color tree....
amalie2 wrote on Nov 1, '08, edited on Nov 1, '08
a majestetic view!
one can notice your love for nature..and for culture!

ty for your nice comment!
mitchylr wrote on Nov 1, '08
Awesome. I always love to see ivy-clad buildings, particularly when the fall colours set in. Wonderful.
ladyexpat wrote on Nov 1, '08
Love this!

Thanks for dropping by.
dawn4 wrote on Nov 1, '08
Such a pretty scene! Thanks for stopping by!
zorra5 wrote on Nov 1, '08
Beautiful photo! I really like how you framed the statue and colorful vines in the archway.

Thanks for visiting
karen21445 wrote on Nov 1, '08
darlene57 wrote on Nov 1, '08
Beautiful photo great angle of your shot. Thanks for seeing mine@
guazzetto25 wrote on Nov 1, '08, edited on Nov 1, '08
cool mila pritelkyne. dekuj, posilam ti pratebke objeti a prani hezkeho dne
busterp wrote on Nov 1, '08
Beautiful vines, color and overall picture. What a big place! Nice.
ethansdad54 wrote on Nov 1, '08
pasttimes wrote on Nov 1, '08
lovely...two that a campus? Thanks for the visit.
j5uliana wrote on Nov 1, '08
awesome photo!!! Great take on the theme. Thanks for visiting mine.
minorkey wrote on Nov 1, '08 you have some of just the windows and the statue? would love it if you posted those as well.
empressselena wrote on Nov 1, '08
Wow that is a beautiful library! Love the fall colors with it too!

Empress C's PP
babygirlannakiya wrote on Nov 1, '08
Beautiful.... i like the angle you took it..brings out the colors
loveangel94 wrote on Nov 2, '08
I love the photo and thanks for stopping by!!
lilwolfsis wrote on Nov 2, '08
pestep55 wrote on Nov 2, '08
Wonderful view!
dews24u wrote on Nov 2, '08
How beautiful!

Thanks for the visit :-)
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flutterbee1952 wrote on Nov 2, '08
Wow that must be a beautiful sight to see in person. Thank you for stopping by mine.
geoaskier wrote on Nov 2, '08
OHHHH love this shot.....wonderful POV!!
snaphappy13 wrote on Nov 2, '08
Viera... I absolutely lost track of who's page I was on! So sorry... it's a beautiful shot! I really do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
blizzkid wrote on Nov 2, '08
Wow, what a keen angle. You've got a great eye for catching this detail and very seasonal display!
soliloquydownunder wrote on Nov 2, '08
simply lovely! looks like the leaves are crawling for knowledge. thanks for the visit ;-)
cfbookchick wrote on Nov 3, '08
Very complex with so much to enjoy looking at in this shot. You have such a keen eye for a great frame--
forgetmenot525 wrote on Nov 3, '08
love the combination of architecture and red foliage beautiful and thanks for visiting mine
mjrohn wrote on Nov 3, '08
WOW that's a fantastic shot Viera! Love how autumn color add a lovely touch on the building.
Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment :)
purplebutterfly2 wrote on Nov 4, '08
what an awesome shot and beautiful building

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