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The Story of Berlin is more than just an exhibition - it is an exciting journey through 800 years of Berlin history. Berlin was founded in the 13th century, it was the capital of the kingdom of Prussia from 1701 and the capital of the German Empire (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (1919–1932), and the Third Reich (1933–1945). The city was divided between 1945 and 1990 into East Berlin and West Berlin, which division grew out of the zones of occupation established at the end of World War II. The Berlin Wall, a wire and concrete barrier, was erected by the East German government in August 1961 and dismantled in November 1989.
The city has no definite centre and pockets of attractions are dotted all over. The densest array of sights lies to the east of the Brandenburg Gate, on either side of Unter den Linden. West Berlin's centre has less to offer. It's interesting to take a look at the broken shard of a church, the Kaiser Wilhelm and many museums...Let's watch a slideshow...

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timecoding wrote on Oct 31, '08
I'm told that they've closed the old airport in the American sector. All that history will be gone now. Too bad some air enthusiasts couldn't have preserved it for its historical value. It's the place where the airlift occurred in the 60s.

America is such a young country.

firefysh wrote on Oct 31, '08
This is very good.
Thanks, Viera. :-)

ann360 wrote on Nov 1, '08
It is so hyper-modern now. I still remember stories I read of the war, I read most of them when I was very young, a teenager. One that comes to mind now is "The Diary of Ann Frank". Thanks for sharing this Viera

viera7 wrote on Nov 3, '08
yes Michael, it will be... The airport is scheduled to close in 2012, six months after the completion of the new Berlin -Brandenburg International Airport - to be Europe's largest. The airport in 2007 served over 13.350.000 passengers and it is only 15 min. far from city center...c'est la vie...

viera7 wrote on Nov 3, '08
nice to meet you Graham on my page...have a nice day...

viera7 wrote on Nov 3, '08
welcome dear Ann...I agree with you...the city changed a lot...Thanks for your visit...

viera7 wrote on Nov 3, '08
Hello Belita, nice to see you...I wish you speedy recovering...all the best ...

belita747 wrote on Nov 3, '08
Hi, Viera, actually yesterday I tried to visit this page and drop a comment but only now I have succeeded. Something went wrong with Multiply... When I visited Berlin some years ago it looked like a huge construction yard. Nice to see your pictures and realize how the city has changed drastically... Going there again is one of my plans... Comparing the before and the after is always fascinating to me. Thanks for your wishes...gradually recovering but quite slowly...May you have a great week. Hugs, Belita

michaelmichoo wrote on Nov 3, '08
I just took your virtual slide tour of Berlin... thank you very much, Viera. You capture the flavor of the historic city and its architectural variations wonderfully.

viera7 wrote on Nov 3, '08
you are most welcome Michael...I like your tours very well... and I think it is time to stop for a little while at a restaurant for a dinner and we can talking about our tours...tell me only where...

robbekop wrote on Nov 5, '08
Hello Viera -- thank you so much for this informative blog about Berlin -- you know -- the old airport was in the news last week -- the last flight of it was a Belgium air company .
Just like Belita I had some problems here , not only here but on other sites as well :-(
Take care -- I'll see you .

viera7 wrote on Nov 7, '08
Hi Fred...nice to meet you...I was two days in Vienna due to my business...without shopping...can you imagine it?...Sorry that you are not very good, but I wish you speedy recovering....see you soon again...HUGS

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