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The rooster

is the symbol of Portugal, well in France too their symbol as the rooster as well, but the Portugal rooster is much beautiful and decorated, you can have lots of souvenirs like ceramics bells, plate with the lovely rooster.

I remember that moment well when I was taking the photo, the witty woman of the shop told me in English: 5 Euro's LOL
I was witty and said immediately: Oh that's too much for a photo LOL

and we both smiled and I went on...


(Canon IXUS 500, Lisbon, August 2008)
To join the fun at "Picture Perfect" HERE

Actually on the right side you can see reflection of me when I was taking this photo...:-))

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guazzetto25 wrote on Nov 7, '08
I bought them while in Lisbon, beautiful pic moje sladka a mila pritelkyne. dobre rano a ahoj

adeguing wrote on Nov 7, '08

ladysabrina64068 wrote on Nov 7, '08
I would LOVE to have these! Great take on the theme, thanks for stopping by!

donnavaughan wrote on Nov 7, '08
what lovely photo subject, even quicker with the comback too ;o)

sattva2 wrote on Nov 7, '08

mamoonelsiddik wrote on Nov 7, '08
Very nice

thanks for visiting mine

millimusings wrote on Nov 7, '08
This is my kind of souvenir and I just love the whole deal here. Thanks so much for the visit.
Picture Perfect~ Handmade Mermaid.

belita747 wrote on Nov 7, '08
Oh... Viera... I remember well the moment you took this shot... had never thought you might post it on here for this week's theme. Thanks for introducing a bit of Portugal on here.

blicktx wrote on Nov 7, '08
My daughters would love this -- they both have chosen chickens for their kitchen theme. They must have loved their grandmother's. I'm making them quilted carriers as part of Christmas (No, they don't follow Photo Perfect, thank goodness!)

lindalovestostitch wrote on Nov 7, '08

pasttimes wrote on Nov 7, '08
That was very must have been a labor of love

mitchylr wrote on Nov 7, '08

drwoe wrote on Nov 7, '08
Beautiful shot and incredible pieces

Picture Perfect -- Handmade Entry

ann360 wrote on Nov 7, '08
LOL.. Almost thrown over by your title! And in big bold red font.. hahaaaa..
This is a very beautiful collection! Where can I get them? How? lol

Thanks for sharing, sweetie..

pestep55 wrote on Nov 7, '08
Very nice picture it is /:-)

karen21445 wrote on Nov 7, '08
What a wonderful set of tableware. Wouldn't it be cheery to have your breakfast served on those each morning?

chrisakasweets wrote on Nov 7, '08
so, she was gonna charge you for taking a picture!.. omg.... love the pottery tho... very unique.... thanks for stopping by.

riihele wrote on Nov 7, '08
Hei Viera

Haha about charging you for taking the pic!
Lovely photo with the most amazing clarity of colours.

Thanks a million for dropping by MY HANDMADE in ere.

zorra5 wrote on Nov 7, '08
So pretty and colorful! And only 5 Euros! Amazing.

Thanks for visiting mine at

bennett1 wrote on Nov 7, '08
Beautiful - I want to go back to Europe. Thanks for visiting mine!

dews24u wrote on Nov 7, '08
I would love the whole set!

"Handmade" - For Picture Perfect

lamemory wrote on Nov 7, '08
Perfect for the start of a day! Art for the breakfast table.
Thanks for stopping by mine.

gentlespirit01 wrote on Nov 7, '08
I would love it if such handmade things were available here in the states! Everything is so manufactured! Thank you for sharing such beautiful handmade works!

leathermenace wrote on Nov 7, '08
chickens! I love chickens! very colorful.

patteacakes wrote on Nov 7, '08
Uniquely yours. Cool!!!

cyn402002 wrote on Nov 7, '08
LOVE IT!very pretty..I want the whole set!(smiles)
Thanks for stopping by!

trayne wrote on Nov 7, '08
Those would be fun to eat breakfast on ... I love the handpainted china from other countries
Thanks for stopping by

vickiecollins wrote on Nov 7, '08

sharonl344 wrote on Nov 7, '08

brew99 wrote on Nov 7, '08
Great take on the theme, and I enjoyed the accompanying story!

Mine is at Picture Perfect - Handmade

ldyria wrote on Nov 8, '08
I adore pottery and painted pottery is even more precious at times...great shot and story!

johnoh wrote on Nov 8, '08
Very colorful!!! and cute!!! Would like to visit Portugal someday, my Dad's side of the family is originally from the Azores Islands.

believemenot wrote on Nov 8, '08
I like your picture very much, Viera!
Very colorful and great take on the theme!
Congrats, sweet lady!

arthog9 wrote on Nov 8, '08
Good photo of a great set of ceramic pieces. I love good photography and I love good craftmanship.
Thanks for your visit and comments to my photo. This was a fun theme.

tutet4747 wrote on Nov 8, '08
I love this! this will make me smile evrytime i will use it.

ladyexpat wrote on Nov 8, '08
Great shot. They are so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by.

amalie2 wrote on Nov 8, '08

kia909 wrote on Nov 8, '08
Very beautiful picture and good little story!

joanne7111 wrote on Nov 8, '08
Very pretty :-) Thanks for stopping by mine

darlene57 wrote on Nov 8, '08
I love roosters nice photo. Thanks for stopping by mine~smilies~d

needledreams2 wrote on Nov 8, '08
Nice photo! BUt yes, I think €5 for a photo is too much. lol Thanks for visiting mine!

teabotol wrote on Nov 8, '08
So cute............., I know this Rooster symbol.........I was in Portugal in 2006

shoppingfreedom wrote on Nov 8, '08
OW ow ow... super duper CUTE !!!
I love them all. Sooo LOVELY !!!
I collect cute mugs, but the one up there that really got my attention is the jug.
Thx for visiting mine. Have a colorful weekend there. Enjoy :)

empressselena wrote on Nov 8, '08
I know many people that would love a whole set. They are too cute!

Empress C's PP

nomadtraveller wrote on Nov 8, '08

terrencew wrote on Nov 8, '08
Cool dishes.
A fine photo and take on the theme.
Thanks for your visit.

busterp wrote on Nov 8, '08
That was quick and witty. Ha. Those are cute - I like the house and trees in the background.

dawn4 wrote on Nov 8, '08

tinafranc wrote on Nov 8, '08
Viera, that is soooooooooooooo beautiful....I love that set!

songbirdnmf wrote on Nov 8, '08
Very beautiful ceramic tableware. The design is very eye-catching. Good shot!

lilangelwolf wrote on Nov 8, '08
How very cool... My girlfriend would love it... she has her whole kitchen in roosters... LOL..
I do see you...:)
Thanks for stopping by mine. It is much appreciated.
Hugs and Friendship,

dianahopeless wrote on Nov 9, '08

lilwolfsis wrote on Nov 9, '08
my mom collects roosters and hens.. she'd love this! thnx 4 the visit!

suzyqbee10 wrote on Nov 9, '08
OMG~ I want those too...I love those fun, colorful, and just plan exciting to have...

lorasprouls wrote on Nov 9, '08
How awesome...I love roosters! This would be a great collection to have!

rachel70 wrote on Nov 10, '08
what a great plate and fab story - cheap at hal the price!

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