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My favourite Multiply friend : Belita
My favourite hobby :  Take a pictures
My favourite activity : Travelling
My favourite group : PICTURES PERFECT
(Canon IXUS 500, Lisbon, August 2008)
To join the fun at "Picture Perfect" HERE

I have to travel for some days to Berlin soon. Sorry when I don't manage to visit all your beautiful pictures. I'll make it after my  return...See you soon...

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tinakinzer wrote on Oct 25, '08
miadelight wrote on Oct 25, '08
Lovely pic of Belita, can see why it's a favorite in more ways than one! Have a great time in Berlin Viera.
pasttimes wrote on Oct 25, '08
Four favorite thing in one photo...well done. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
starfishred wrote on Oct 25, '08
great pic and fiel spass in Berlin
mimisplace wrote on Oct 25, '08
Such a beautiful smile..... No wonder its your favorite!
Click here for my entry
windin wrote on Oct 25, '08
it's a great picture! So natural!
kia909 wrote on Oct 25, '08
Beautiful! So, we know what Belita looks like now...
zorra5 wrote on Oct 25, '08
Lovely! Favorite friend, and favorite photo! Great job.

Thanks for visiting
barb4sun wrote on Oct 25, '08
Lots of favorites. Brings smiles to us all! Thanks for stopping by mine also.
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
photographicpassions wrote on Oct 25, '08
Very awesome!
patteacakes wrote on Oct 25, '08
Nice job. I don't do people pictures well...
believemenot wrote on Oct 25, '08
aww..such a nice picture!
mrthree wrote on Oct 25, '08
Have a safe and rewarding trip. Drop a line when you can. Three
johnoh wrote on Oct 25, '08
LOL I like this, a favorite friend in a favorite picture!!
brew99 wrote on Oct 25, '08
A great captured memory! What could be better than that?

Here's mine...
Among my Favorites.
geoaskier wrote on Oct 25, '08
Great capure of your friend
mikerafael wrote on Oct 25, '08
lovely ., . .
empressselena wrote on Oct 25, '08
How very sweet you picked a pic of your friend! Love it.

Empress C's PP
ldyria wrote on Oct 25, '08
Great idea ~ great shot!

Enjoy your travel time.
fotofriday wrote on Oct 25, '08
Great Favorites!!!!!!!
anne63sandnes wrote on Oct 25, '08
Hey - here we have "favouritesssssssssssssss" - well done!
Thanks for the visit.
ladyexpat wrote on Oct 25, '08
Lovely shot!

Thanks for stopping by.
kimmychan1967 wrote on Oct 25, '08
great idea--great pic of ur blogging friend. :D thx for visiting mine and good luck in ur travels
Comment deleted at the request of the author.
lamemory wrote on Oct 25, '08
Lovely shot, a beautiful day and a good friend :)
Thanks for stopping by mine.
tinafranc wrote on Oct 25, '08
How sweet of you! Belita surely looks great and lovely....thanks for the visit.
thymekeeper wrote on Oct 25, '08
Now that's a fun shot - lots of favorites there - great job!
Thanks for commenting on mine ;-)
blicktx wrote on Oct 25, '08
Great -- combining all your favorites in one shot. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great time in Berlin
justmom wrote on Oct 25, '08
dews24u wrote on Oct 25, '08
Very nice picture :-)

Thanks for the visit
"Favorite" - For Picture Perfect
ninakobie wrote on Oct 25, '08
fotofriday wrote on Oct 25, '08
guazzetto25 wrote on Oct 26, '08
krásný fotografie, moje pritelkyne. dekuji pro tvoje návštěva. dobre neděle
amalie2 wrote on Oct 26, '08
belita looks like a good friend, open and communicative.
nice shot of her!
adeguing wrote on Oct 26, '08
Very nice.
I love the way she smiles, so natural.
Is that a reflection in the mirror? I like it.
riihele wrote on Oct 26, '08
Hei Viera

Aah, such a fabulous pic of Belita!
Wonderful take on the theme.

soliloquydownunder wrote on Oct 26, '08
ah, favorites are precious shot! thanks for dropping by ;-)
jolaranita wrote on Oct 26, '08
my she looks so much like my mother in law it is amazing! good shot!
ann360 wrote on Oct 26, '08
Very nice shot of Belita.. so cool to be able to meet an online friend. I got a chance one and your entry here brings back those memories..

Here's mine:
lilwolfsis wrote on Oct 26, '08
very good picture.. it is great when u get a chance to meet an online friend.. wonderful!
littleronnie wrote on Oct 26, '08
Love it. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for dropping by mine also.
oceankinguk2003 wrote on Oct 26, '08
Thats a great shot, thanks for the visit and comment, Baz
passionate4jc wrote on Oct 26, '08
LOL-I like how you not only posted your favorite picture BUT all your other favorites too. Pretty lady.
Thanks for coming by.
terrencew wrote on Oct 26, '08
It's tricky doing people in that kind of bright lighting. You did well. Fine photo.
Thanks for your visit.
PS: Enjoy your trip.
arolkayalkfay wrote on Oct 26, '08
Thanks for the visit. Your friend is lucky.
ummancan wrote on Oct 26, '08
Nice picture.
Thanks for your visit,have a nice new week.
belita747 wrote on Oct 27, '08
Wow... Viera.... what a surprise!!!! I can't be objective enough to comment your entry... It's colourful and... I can't add anything else... The 55 comments are already enough... aren't they?
antyharton wrote on Oct 28, '08
It is indeed deserve to be a favourite.
aussiechic66 wrote on Oct 29, '08
safe travels...
lindao6 wrote on Oct 29, '08
A beautiful friend, a wonderful post!!! I love it all!
Friendship is a wonderful blessing. How lucky you are to have each other
AND how lucky Picture Perfect is to have people like you, Viera!!!!
Hope you enjoyed your travels!!!! Your visit was so appreciated!!!
My Favorite
timecoding wrote on Oct 29, '08
You're in great company!!!

forgetmenot525 wrote on Oct 29, '08
This is a great shot, looks like she was very happy that day, thanks for visiting mine and sorry it took me so long to get here..................guess its better late than never.........:)
novarika wrote on Oct 30, '08
Such a bless to have friend around.
thanks for dropping by ;)
gkluit wrote on Oct 30, '08
Hahaha, great idea Viera! To combine all your favorites together!

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