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The Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy, is one of the world's most famous opera houses.
A fire destroyed the previous theatre, the ancient  Teatro Regio Ducal
 on 25 February 1776, after a carnival gala.
A second plan was accepted in 1776 by Empress Maria Theresa. The new theatre was built on the former location of the church of Santa Maria della Scala, from which the theatre gets its name. The church was deconsecrated and demolished, and over a period of two years the theatre was completed by Pietro Marliani, Pietro Nosetti and Antonio and Giuseppe Fe. This theatre had a total over 3,000 seats organized into 678 pit-stalls, arranged in six tiers of boxes above which is the 'loggione' or two galleries. Now the stage is one of the largest in Italy
La Scala was originally illuminated with eighty-four oil lamps mounted on the palcoscenico and another thousand in the rest of theater. To prevent the risks of fire, several rooms were filled with hundreds of water buckets. In time, oil lamps were replaced by gas lamps, these in turn were replaced by electric lights in 1883.
The original structure was renovated in 1907, when it was given its current layout with 2,800 seats. In 1943, during WWII, La Scala was severely damaged by bombing. It was rebuilt and reopened on 11 May 1946


In the near future I have to travel to Milan due to business trip and I'll try to visit opera performance  in La Scala.
It that time they will play opera
Georg Friedrich Händel  



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elfaraon wrote on Mar 4, '09
Is very beautifull building....


timecoding wrote on Mar 4, '09
Take lots of photos... I can't get away then.


belita747 wrote on Mar 4, '09
Make your most of your visit to Milano. Not easy to get a ticket, however, try your best. It is worth whatever effort.. Hugs, Belita

firefysh wrote on Mar 4, '09
Thanks for the info and pictures, Viera.
I hope that you do manage to see an opera at this great House. :-)

regalfemale wrote on Mar 4, '09
Oh beautiful....

mrthree wrote on Mar 8, '09

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09
elfaraon said
Is very beautifull building....
La Scala is really one of the world's most famous opera houses... Thanks for your visit...

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09
Take lots of photos...
I'll do it Michael...I have a new camera...Have a nice time...

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09
belita747 said
Not easy to get a ticket,
Dear Belita...I successfully arranged the ticket for Alcina...I wish you to have with me...may be next time...HUGS

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09
firefysh said
Thanks for the info and pictures, Viera.
Thanks Graham. it was my pleasure...I managed the ticket...and it cost 224 EUR/person...I'm looking forward to the performance...Have a nice day...

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09, edited on Mar 8, '09
Thank you for your visit Regal...glad that you like it...

viera7 wrote on Mar 8, '09
mrthree said
Welcome Three...Thanks a lot...I'll try my best to visit a lot places...Have a beautiful day...

lovesongs7 wrote on Mar 11, '09

regalfemale wrote on Mar 17, '09
I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and enjoy a great week ahead. Hugssssss

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