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The sun-kissed island...Sicily

I believe that Venus the Goddness of Love
was born in Sicily… It ist he most fantastic
of all the Mditerranean islands and I agree with Goethe…

„Without seeing Sicily it is impossible to understand Ital -
Sicily ist he key to everithyng“

So let’s go to visit that beautiful Island…

We flew in from Vienna and arrived
in Catania airport before dinner.
The way to our hotel in taormina
took more as one hour. While drinking
a famous Italian wine we enjoying
the fabulous view of the beach by early evening…


What is more beautiful than anything
else in the whole world?...
The view of the sea during a stunning sunset.
From the hotel balcony was a nice view of the sea panorama ...
So here I'm standing in my balcony,
wordless overlooking the Mediterranean Sea...

The volcano Etna is situated
close to Catania, 3.320 m high,
making it the tallest volcano
in Europe but the view
on the Mt Etna is really amazing

That day  we decided to visit the ancient
Greek theatre in Taormina ...
but previous to arriving at that nice city ,
suddenly it appeared in front of majestic Mt Etna...

The time for a lunch... we ducked into
a restaurant with a fabulous view
of the sea side and it was the ideal
place to watch the sun set behind the mound...

The next day we decided to visit
Palermo and Monreale. On our way to Monreale
I repeated also the big test of my driving license.
How they drive it's unique... one car on the left side..
one car on the right side and between
some motorbike ... awful , but I'm alive...


The splendid cloister of the Benedictine abbey
alone would make Monreale famous.
Located next to the cathedral,
these 228 columns, some with mosaic inlay,
each with a meticulously stone
carved capital, enclose
the gardens of the cloister.

Monreale is world-renowned
for his cathedral of the 12th century

The central apse of the Cathedral,
with the huge figure of Christ Pantocrator.
The beautiful mosaics are said to be
one of the world's largest displays of this art,
surpassed only by Istanbul's famous
 Basilica of Saint Sofia

Palermo was the wealthiest and most magnificent
city in Europe in the 12th century.

I like many of the most charming villages
 in Italy, sits atop a hill (originally chosen in medieval times for their defensive value).
It makes for a very attractive town

Syracusa's medieval heritage mustn't be overlooked.
Everywhere we went in Syracuse,
we were surrounded by fascinating, ancient ruins.

Syracuse has a Greek amphitheatre
and also a Roman one, both well preserved

Archimedes was born also in that
nice ancient city Syracuse

287BC - 212BC

...and God created Sicily. The place where the mountains meet the sea.
 Sicily, the island in the sun, is home to Heavenly beaches,
majestic mountains and Europe's greatest
natural wonder Mount Etna.

Probably the single best attribute of Sicily
is that it manages to be fascinating place
while hardly trying to do so.
It all simply seems to exist and its
up to you to join in and enjoy it...

I fell absolutely in love with that island and his architecture

Let's go to dream about that beautiful island ....

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