utorok 14. augusta 2012

My hometown 11

...Leaving the Roland's  statue in the
Old Town and just up the street is
another statue Čumil (gawk),
the man sticking his head out of a manhole.

"And a couple years ago,
the Wall Street Journal did a story
on Bratislava in which the writer said
that he'd been told that Čumil
was the leader of an underground movement
and that he hid in the sewers while
the city was bombed during World War II.
When the war ended, Čumil came
out of hiding, which explains his satisfied smile.

"But the story may not be exactly true.
In fact, guides tell sightseers:
"Čumil is just a normal guy who likes
to look up the skirts of young ladies in Bratislava"...

Čumil is probably the most
photographed sight in Bratislava.

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