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The first class Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel is located in the heart of old city of Bratislava next to the Danube river.
For the last three centuries the Carlton hotel has played a central part in the history and social life of our city.
Originally constructed in 1760 as the Inn at the Three Green Trees, the Carlton Hotel has always been one of the most prestigious buildings in the Slovak capital. Today, under the management of Radisson SAS, this luxurious hotel once again commands the centre stage of the city.

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The history  
The history reaches back to the 13-th century when on the site of today's hotel stood a much smaller one called "The Swan". In 1760 alongside of the hotel was an old inn called "At the Three Green Trees". It was the biggest establishment in Bratislava at that time and beside the best service, it offered its respectable guests an advantageous location by the Danube river
The second building of the Carlton-Savoy complex was a competitive hotel "National" (later known as "Savoy") situated on Mostova street. This was founded by family Speneder in 1860 when a one floor corner house was rebuilt by architect Ignatz Feigler to a pompous building with a 19-axes facade to Mostová street and 9-axes facade to Hviezdoslav Square, including "Café Savoy" on the ground floor.

The new owner Jan Lôwe rebuilt the in "At the Three Trees" within 1844 - 1846 and he renamed it to "At the Green Tree". Chosen constructor architect Ignatz Feigler extended the original one floor house to a three floor building with two yard wings and created facade with classic architecture.

Henrich Prüger bought hotel "National" in 1908 and had it rebuilt completely. In 1911 he purchased the Gervaysch house" and the pub "At the Green Tree" in 1912. The result of complete reconstruction of all three buildings together in 1912 - 1913 was a new hotel complex which was named "Carlton - Savoy" with a hall café and a big restaurant.

In the years 1925 - 1929 on the basis of the project of a great Slovak architect M.M. Harminc the hotel underwent through one of the most extensive reconstruction. All three buildings were unified, a four-floor extension was build, uniting the facade under a single roof.

The year 2001 became the year of the rebirth of one of Bratislava's sadly forgotten legends -  Hotel Carlton. Once again it had become a living monument of capital city of Slovakia.

Carlton bulding is not special only for its architectonic features, historical construction and technical value, but it represents first great example of a modern hotel complex.

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