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My Home town 6

A Visit

Not far from the Slovak National Theatre built in 1884 - 86, where opera and ballet performances take place, there is a seat of Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, where fans of serious music may come into their own.
Bratislava has many attributes, anyway, more than appropriate is the attribute of "town of music". In the course of centuries, it was visited by several giants of music, while music has been resounding from windows of palaces, whether in the streets and squares till the present day.
If you will find a tablet on the palace of Leopold de Pauli, from which you will learn that Franz Liszt gave a concert here as 9-year old in 1820. Just several metres further, a tablet on the Palffy palace, which is a seat of the Austrian Embassy today, lets us know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave a concert here as 6-year old boy in 1762. Ludwig van Beethoven visited Bratislava in the fall 1796, at the time of session of assembly, to give concerts in several palaces, e.g. in Keglevich palace in Panska street. And maybe he also liked daughter of the Keglevichs -  Babeta whom he was teaching to play the piano. In Kutschersfeld palace -  there was living the pianist A. G. Rubinstein who played on 3 concerts and he also composed several compositions here.

Listen to Robin Zebaida
Liszt's second Ballade in B minor (click here)

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