utorok 14. augusta 2012

My hometown 10

The Old Town Square is truly the centre of town. It used to be called Market Square because of the markets that would take place here and even today you'll see a number of vendors selling their wares mostly to the tourists passing through. The tower goes back to the 14th century, but was rebuilt in the 18th century in the Baroque style. The Maximilian Fountain is the point of interest in the centre of the square. Emperor Maximilian II had the Renaissance Roland fountain built, when a big fire broke out in the town after his coronation in 1563. Its author is a stonemason Ondrej Luttringer from Deutsch Altenburg, who completed it in 1572.

The statue of a knight in suit of armour, who represents the knight Roland, a legendary defender of city rights. Others consider it to be a portrait of
Maximilian II.

"This fountain also has some interesting stories behind it. "According to one of the local legends, the statue of Sir Roland rotates a top the fountain once a year - at midnight on New Year's Eve - when he turns and salutes to all four directions. But only female virgins can see him when he moves..."


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