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Did Atlantis exist, or was it merely a fantasy conjured up by Plato,
and kept alive through wishful thinking over the centuries?
If it did exist, where can we find it’s remains?

(Canon DIGITAL IXUS 960 IS, Antalya, Turkey, September  2008)  To join the fun at "Picture Perfect" HERE

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minorkey wrote on Nov 21, '08
That is a really great shot.

fglenister wrote on Nov 21, '08
Lovely shot it looks like a salt rock. Shows plenty of movement in the water
Great Viera

belita747 wrote on Nov 21, '08
No excellent shot!

azpitcher wrote on Nov 21, '08
Wow very nice shot

pasttimes wrote on Nov 21, '08, edited on Nov 21, '08
beautiful steps...worn smooth by the wind and water...well done

believemenot wrote on Nov 21, '08
Amazing! Beautiful as well!
Congrats, Viera!

tabbynera wrote on Nov 21, '08

redrobin11 wrote on Nov 21, '08
Wow... love the stone steps carved into the rock... very nice.!

sonxpro wrote on Nov 21, '08
Magical, Bravo!!

Thank you for your visit!

cyn402002 wrote on Nov 21, '08
LOVE this pic..Beautiful!!
Thanks for stopping by mine!

ladysabrina64068 wrote on Nov 21, '08
Oh I would so love to be there right now...I love this shot, excellent take on the theme!

djdx wrote on Nov 21, '08
Beautiful! I would like to walk down those steps and into the water.

blicktx wrote on Nov 21, '08
Awesome thought -- so worn are those steps! I'll be guessing for a long time as to where the shot was taken.

twicem wrote on Nov 21, '08
Beautiful the composition and colors and theme useage.....

poetessgarden wrote on Nov 21, '08
What a beautiful place! You were blessed to be there! Excellent photo!

zorra5 wrote on Nov 21, '08
That's a beautiful shot! It certainly does evoke thoughts of Atlantis!!

Thanks for visiting.

j5uliana wrote on Nov 21, '08
Great photo!! Food for thought! Thanks for looking at mine.

ladyexpat wrote on Nov 21, '08
Stunning shot!

Thanks for stopping by.

oceankinguk2003 wrote on Nov 21, '08
Beautiful shot, a great take on theme

trayne wrote on Nov 21, '08
Very nice shot.
Thanks for stopping by.

mrpiggy001 wrote on Nov 21, '08
love the colors in this too , the rock is wow.

amyukalichick wrote on Nov 21, '08
Beautiful photo! I love all the textures and colors. Those white branches and red foliage contrast nicely with the turquoise water, and the soft water is a wonderful contrast with the hard rock. I love those stairs leading down to the water, they remind me of the abandoned baths at Alum Rock Park in San Jose, California.

amyukalichick wrote on Nov 21, '08
BTW, I think Atlantis is real and we'll eventually find it at the bottom of the Meditteranean. I think it became flooded as the glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age. Just my theory.

cleaunz wrote on Nov 21, '08
I really like these steps and the photo - amazing rock and colour - is this in your hometown? Thanks for your visit too

windin wrote on Nov 21, '08

single39female wrote on Nov 21, '08
That is simply Awesome.....Thanks for stopping by my page

chrisakasweets wrote on Nov 21, '08
I can't get over the texture!.. and the colors... thanks for the visit.

dannidoodles74 wrote on Nov 21, '08
Awesome post..that shot is so pretty! Thanks for coming by mine.

ngada8siwe wrote on Nov 21, '08

drwoe wrote on Nov 21, '08
WOW Viera that is an incredible shot... love the color and texture...

Here is my entry for the week My Picture Perfect Worn

ninakobie wrote on Nov 21, '08
I love the colours in this great photo. Well done.

Thank you for your visit and comments.

dmimi wrote on Nov 21, '08

sharonl344 wrote on Nov 22, '08
I'm really impressed with this photo , it is so perfect for worn !!

brew99 wrote on Nov 22, '08
Great photo for the theme! Are those steps leading into the water, or out of it? LOL


ldyria wrote on Nov 22, '08
Awww so beautiful and fairytale like. I love it!

millimusings wrote on Nov 22, '08
You found it and WOW I want to go there too!
Thanks so much for the visit and lovely comment too.
Picture Perfect ~ Worn

guazzetto25 wrote on Nov 22, '08
dobre rano a hezky vikend moje sladka Viera. dekuji pro tvoje návštěva. na shledanou
love your pic very much

jansen68 wrote on Nov 22, '08
That is really fantastic! I like it. Thanks for your comment on mine.

mamoonelsiddik wrote on Nov 22, '08
Very beautiful photo Viera
Thanks for the visit

kia909 wrote on Nov 22, '08
Great picture! I love the different hues of blue, salmon, grey...
Thanks for your comment on mine.

lilwolfsis wrote on Nov 22, '08

kinanthi7 wrote on Nov 22, '08

dawn4 wrote on Nov 22, '08

secclux wrote on Nov 22, '08
Breathtaking shot. Beautiful how the stones have worn away....

cooooooooool wrote on Nov 22, '08

lamemory wrote on Nov 22, '08
Beautiful photograph. I love the old limestone drips of the cliff walls.

Thank you for visiting mine.

vickiecollins wrote on Nov 22, '08
This picture is absolutely beautiful. wonderful take on theme.

empressselena wrote on Nov 22, '08
If ever a picture brought Atlantis to mind it is this one. Not buried at all under the sea but still here waiting to be discovered...

Empress C's PP

karen21445 wrote on Nov 22, '08
Wonderful picture. Those rocks have sure been worn down by the passage of time.

babygirlannakiya wrote on Nov 22, '08
nice.. very nice

gregzook wrote on Nov 23, '08
did you take that photo? Very good!

tinafranc wrote on Nov 23, '08
Wow, that is really a great shot...I love the big stones.

flutterbee1952 wrote on Nov 23, '08
Amazing photo. This is a very springs...I would assume? Love the many colors that seem to appear with each layer of being worn away.

rmgrant wrote on Nov 23, '08
Cool! It really makes you wonder..... great take on the theme.
Thanks for stopping by

riihele wrote on Nov 23, '08
Hei Viera

Cool picture and great take!
Keep so grand and safe.

My entry on WORN is in ere.

nomadtraveller wrote on Nov 23, '08
This is Kekova Island!! But what a fabulous pic of it, Viera!

ranikaye wrote on Nov 23, '08

shoppingfreedom wrote on Nov 24, '08
Ow my... it looks more like a painting than a picture taken from a camera. Great shot !!!
In my imagination, I could see beautiful mermaids are sitting there so close to the water. Enjoying the sun while chatting happily with each other.
Thx for visiting mine. Have a fun week there. Enjoy :)

soliloquydownunder wrote on Nov 25, '08
Very lovely..i wanna be there right now! Fabulous photo. And if what I read was right, Atlantis is somewhere beneath the Saragasso Sea...:-> thanks for the visit ;-)

robbekop wrote on Nov 25, '08
Atlantis --Mmm I really like this topic -- I have read a lot of books about Atlantis -- The question is not if it did exist but where we can find its remains !!
if we believe the latest results we must find the remains on Antarctica -- in about 50 years from now ( with help of the global warming !!) by then the ice cap will be gone and we have proof of this !!
Anyway , very interesting topic --thanks Viera .

viera7 wrote on Nov 25, '08
Hello Fred...I know that Atlantis is your favourite topic...I thought about you when I wrote it...Have a nice evening...

mimisplace wrote on Nov 26, '08
Oh how cool is this? makes you wonder doesn't it ?

jj900 wrote on Dec 28, '08
All done by hand , the craftmanship has made it stand the ages, nice shot!!

viera7 wrote on Dec 28, '08
Thanks for yours visit...glad you find the shot nice...

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