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ROADSIDE space along the interstate highway system has to be one of the most neglected examples of landscaping in the nation's urban areas. Think of it. There are thousands of miles of interstate highways inside ...

(March 2008, taken by the mobile phone)

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empressselena wrote on Jun 3, '08
Ooo you caught a perfect one too! It is beautiful. Great PP!

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novarika wrote on Jun 1, '08
I love your rainbow...very original...
carolynsblog wrote on Jun 1, '08
Very nice shot.
Thanks for the visit to mine.
bearway wrote on May 31, '08
nice picture ... did you happen to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
My PPF - Roadside
eptheresia wrote on May 31, '08
wow...great shot. and a beautiful rainbow, too. it's great to see such a perfect arch. thanks for visiting my page.
firefysh wrote on May 31, '08
Great shot Viera. :-)
My attempt can be found at :-
trayne wrote on May 31, '08
Wow what a rainbow... kind of stretched and low... I love rainbows.
pestep55 wrote on May 31, '08
Don't you just love to see a rainbow? A beautiful catch!
lyricalinspirations wrote on May 31, '08
Very beautiful. Love the raindrops on the window, it adds to the photo. So, so pretty.

Thanks for visiting.
jgaryhillstudio wrote on May 31, '08
def i echo romeo in his statement this is a perfect roadside experience a gorgeous roadside experience
Thank you for visiting with me “Under the Roadside”
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oarafn1 wrote on May 30, '08
Now that is cool! Makes driving in the rain worthwhile to see a view like that. Beautiful take, Viera...and nice choice of the rendition of that classic.

Thanks for stopping by "Romy's Favorite Roadside Diner" and for the kind compliment.
myleftoverturkey wrote on May 30, '08
lovely many mp your cellph? because the picture looks good...
thanks for stopping by!
brigyde wrote on May 30, '08
thats a cool moment roadside..a rainbow !!! beautiful!!
thanks for your comment.
annie206 wrote on May 30, '08
awesome roadside beautiful...perfect shot
thanks for stopping by mine
shankarg wrote on May 30, '08
I like the photograph that u have chosen for the theme and thank you for your visit to mine link at
cleaunz wrote on May 30, '08
thanks for your visit!! love that rainbow - so low and long!
glasscat wrote on May 30, '08
wow - what a gorgeous rainbow - the whole arch! seems I never see rainbows anymore unless I'm driving someplace.
dixxebell wrote on May 30, '08
WOW what a great shot by a phone!...thanks for stopping by

carolenablue wrote on May 30, '08
I really love the raindrops on the window as you look out towards the rainbow! Cool!
sweets4you wrote on May 30, '08
Oh, a rainbow...aren't they the loveliest things? Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. HUGS.
mjrohn wrote on May 30, '08
Beautiful shot for sure!
Thanks for stopping by my entry.
wbtak wrote on May 30, '08
Wow! How pretty!! That is a sight you don't see everyday!!

Thanks for stopping by my page!
rmgrant wrote on May 30, '08
Oh pretty! I love rainbows..... :)
bnellee wrote on May 30, '08
Gee mobile phones can take great shots these days can't they :)
Thanks for the visit.
PPF copy
cherikeeusa wrote on May 30, '08
I'm always looking for those great big Care Bear rainbows and you found one! Great shot!
leekier wrote on May 30, '08
Beautiful; I love the raindrops on the screen
flutterbee1952 wrote on May 30, '08
Great photo. Not very often have I ever seen them go across the roadway like that.
angeloo00oo wrote on May 30, '08
Lovely shot especially to get the whole rainbow well nearly all of it........LOL
Thank you for visiting my entry
zorra5 wrote on May 30, '08
Wow! That's some big rainbow! And a great shot all around. I can't believe you got that detail with a phone camera!
passionate4jc wrote on May 30, '08
Rainbows are so cool.
Thanks for coming by my page and peace..........
serenole wrote on May 30, '08
Beautiful! and isn't it awesome how our God can remind us when we look up?

Thanks for your kind comment on mine.
genyapg2002 wrote on May 30, '08
Lucky you!!!! Good thing you have your camera with you!!
jimsimmons wrote on May 30, '08
A beautiful spur-of-the-moment catch. Raindrops of a passing shower on the windshield and a full rainbow up ahead. I can feel myself in the car. Thanks for your visit :-)
ninakobie wrote on May 30, '08
A very rare occurrence captured so well. Great shot.
darlene57 wrote on May 30, '08
Perfect and taken with your cell phone. Nice work. Thank you for your comments and seeing mine!
blizzkid wrote on May 30, '08
That's a beautiful roadside view! Thanks for sharing.
legacymoon wrote on May 30, '08
Awesome rainbow!
harleymick wrote on May 30, '08

Thanks for stopping by!
onlymissy wrote on May 30, '08
Perfect! The way it is like an arch from one side of the road to another is just lovely... Thanks so much for sharing it and visiting mine. :-)
swagseeker wrote on May 30, '08
Perfect timing!
ruggedman wrote on May 30, '08
summer showers here are great...everything smells 'new' then :)

Thanks for visiting, and Viera is a great name, ..stop anytime,I post a new photo about every day
dannidoodles wrote on May 30, '08
Lovely rainbow..I even like the rain splatter on the window. Thanks for visiting mine!
vickiecollins wrote on May 30, '08
so many colors.
poetessgarden wrote on May 30, '08
very nice rainbow...lucky you caught it
selauk wrote on May 30, '08
rainbows are bloody hard to take a good shot of! great pic! ta for stopping by.
juanella wrote on May 29, '08
I love rainbows! And I love the song!
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ethansdad54 wrote on May 29, '08
it is a wonderful thing to catch a rainbow...
rachel70 wrote on May 29, '08
Cool photo! I love rainbows!
Cheers for visiting!
rahmya wrote on May 29, '08

My Pic
nicegirlnurse wrote on May 29, '08
WOW!!! How awesome! I have never gotten to catch a rainbow. I love it.
Thanks for visiting mine, too.
link pic
djdx wrote on May 29, '08
Great shot.

Thanks for your visit.
terrencew wrote on May 29, '08
Great image. Especially using a camera phone. That rainbow sure brightens up an otherwise ordinary landscape. Fine take on the theme.
Thanks for the visit.
secclux wrote on May 29, '08
A full rainbow at that!! Such lovely bright colors too!!!

geoaskier wrote on May 29, '08, edited on May 29, '08
OH WOW! That's a whopper!....great take...nice shot...and thanks for stopping by....and I like the way Angela Chang sings Over Rainbow... Perfect!
jacklyn705 wrote on May 29, '08
Lovely rainbow! Thanks for stopping by my page, too!
ummancan wrote on May 29, '08
Wonderful picture.
Thanks for your comment on mine.
bikergirl279 wrote on May 29, '08
Really great shot. GREAT post. Feel free to visit mine. You're more than welcome.
fuzzysworld wrote on May 29, '08
lilwolfsis wrote on May 29, '08
that is a wonderful capture! and with a camera fone.. arent those great ??? I love mine! thnx for stoppin by my entry!
jenna222 wrote on May 29, '08
Nice catch!
My Roadside
feiyingz wrote on May 29, '08
rainbow... that's very beautiful...
mindyjordan wrote on May 29, '08
pretty shot

PPF: Roadside
vrilia wrote on May 29, '08
oh wow isn't that just pretty?
soliloquydownunder wrote on May 29, '08
that rainbow sure made the monotonous highway pretty and you were there to capture it, awesome! thanks for the visit! ;)
tribunj wrote on May 29, '08
Awsome WOW a real rainbow just above the road Great shot

thanks for dropping by
miadelight wrote on May 29, '08
Wow, a roadside rainbow, and a fab cell phone shot. I love rainbows too and this is a drive through one to boot lol

Thanks for visiting mine:
rajarishi wrote on May 29, '08
viera7 said
landscaping in the nation's urban areas
ur auto music may not get ur deserved rank, if the hostess has not visited please make the music non auto and allow it to play if the visitors want, hope i am not personal.
Thanks for your visit to mine @ rajarishi
sattva2 wrote on May 29, '08
Wow, Road, roadside AND a rainbow -- hard to beat!
firefysh wrote on May 29, '08, edited on May 29, '08
Nice shot, Viera. I'll put in my attempt soon. :-)
jayaramanms wrote on May 29, '08
Excellent Viera. Really great photograph. Thank you for sharing.
My entry is at - Pl. see.
sharonl344 wrote on May 29, '08
Great minds think alike !!! That is a beautful shot on roadside !!
maraid wrote on May 29, '08
Lovely shot....wish I was lucky enough to have my camera on hand at the right moment like that. Luv M.
mitchylr wrote on May 28, '08
Great shot. A more unusual one that, rainbows are not usually that 'flattened'. Great stuff!!
clearstar wrote on May 28, '08
Cool, you'd never know it was taken on a mobile.
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forgetmenot525 wrote on May 28, '08
what a perfect rainbow to see by the roadside, and music to match!! great
j5uliana wrote on May 28, '08
Fantastic shot!!
campinguy wrote on May 28, '08
octoberwitch wrote on May 28, '08, edited on May 28, '08
Great how it is stretching across the road, I seem to always see them running parallel to the road, great photo, and thanks for stopping by.

wickedlyinnocent wrote on May 28, '08
That's beautiful, great shot. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
sarcasmcafe wrote on May 28, '08
mimisplace wrote on May 28, '08
I need to get me a better phone.... great pic!!! lol
Click here for my ppf
acandle wrote on May 28, '08
Absolutely beautiful shot.
monaswe2007 wrote on May 28, '08
Beautiful! I like rainbow-photos! =o) My Picture Perfect theme
tumbelweed wrote on May 28, '08
Heyyy, that is a pretty descent pic for a mobile phone! Love shots of rainbows and your very lucky to get a shot of a fool one! Nice job!
lintang71 wrote on May 28, '08
aaahhhh awesome rainbow... great capture.. ty for visiting mine
lynne4 wrote on May 28, '08
Incredible picture ... perfect for this weeks theme.
Thanks for popping in!
amalie2 wrote on May 28, '08
amazing how good images can be these days, taken by the mobile phone.
wonderful view!
mrpiggy001 wrote on May 28, '08
wow great picture, even more amazing it was on a cell phone.
belita747 wrote on May 28, '08
Wow... how nice shot! The rainbow and the road but, above all, the rain drops! I love it.

Thank you for your visit and comment dropped.
maryr1 wrote on May 28, '08
I love it and I love rainbows as well. Great shot. thank you for your visit.
hedgewitch9 wrote on May 28, '08
Beautiful shot!!
Thank you for visiting :)
freedspirit wrote on May 28, '08
Wow! Nice shot! What a beauty! I love rainbows :))
lorasprouls wrote on May 28, '08
rowe85 wrote on May 28, '08
nastanir wrote on May 28, '08
A rare moment captured nicely.
locke100 wrote on May 28, '08
Love the way you were able to capture the rainbow with the cellphone the quality is getting beter every year......
photographyku wrote on May 28, '08
woooow amazing picture
i love the rainbow and the song
chrisakasweets wrote on May 28, '08
Beautiful and the music is so appropriate!... good shot... thanks for stopping by.Photobucket
oceankinguk2003 wrote on May 28, '08
A Beautiful pic, thanks Baz
P4300046hjgjv copy
naarta wrote on May 28, '08
Great shot and you must have a great phone mine does not take near that good of a picture,
starfishred wrote on May 28, '08
oh I love rainbows wonderful shot
beeagain wrote on May 28, '08
love it!!!
beautiful rainbow, great song!
mykhall wrote on May 28, '08
love it will be posting mine soon...
Thanks for sharing

riihele wrote on May 28, '08
Hei Viera

Lovely photo and song!
Keep so safe and well.

My ROADSIDE take is in ere.

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