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Gossamer is excellent to use for decorating around the home and for parties. The lightweight, transparent material allows light


(MOMA NYC, March 2008, Canon IXUS 500)

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sweets4you wrote on May 12, '08
WOW! What an awesome shot! As the winds blow with gossamer it. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. HUGS>

blizzkid wrote on May 12, '08
This is really lovely, although I'm not quite sure what it is, lol.
Thanks for viewing mine too.

jenna222 wrote on May 12, '08
both great pictures!

ninakobie wrote on May 11, '08, edited on May 11, '08
Wow! That's a fantastic shot. It's just perfect.

Thank you for the visit and great comments.

empressselena wrote on May 10, '08
That is really pretty! Love the color. Great PP!

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ronny2yola wrote on May 10, '08
great shot viera, I love the color too

nastanir wrote on May 10, '08
I wonder if the material is glass fibre or it is just the spot lighting.

pandorasbox83 wrote on May 10, '08
wow! looks very science fiction-y. Prob one of my favourites. You can just imagine some aliens jumping through.

Thanks for your comment on my page!

seaelle wrote on May 10, '08

mamaofseven wrote on May 10, '08
Awesome, my favorite so far!

darlene57 wrote on May 10, '08

morysa wrote on May 10, '08
Its that gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by and the comment

serenole wrote on May 10, '08
How cool is that? My son would love this in his room! :) Great interpretation!

Thanks for stopping by mine and your kind comment!

zdrastvui wrote on May 10, '08
w.o.w. Love the motion of the people walking in the background too.

carolenablue wrote on May 10, '08
Cool! Very Gossamerish!

aslowread wrote on May 9, '08

busterp wrote on May 9, '08
This most certainly is the most interesting one I've seen. Cool. Like it.

stosoned wrote on May 9, '08
Awesome shot. I spent hours and Hours in MOMA. The only things I miss from NYC are all the wonderful museums

tallyknight wrote on May 9, '08
Wow, that's amazing! Love it, very nice shot. :)

luvmt wrote on May 9, '08
That is beautiful! What a great shot!

thanks for stopping by

shairationgco wrote on May 9, '08
I did saw this one!!! you shot it so beautifully!!!... gossamer indeed!
thanks for visiitng my gossamer mist!

mamoonelsiddik wrote on May 9, '08

rachel70 wrote on May 9, '08
That is amazing - I have never seen anything like it!
Cheers for the visit!
Picture Perfect AKA Rachel70

barb4sun wrote on May 9, '08
That looks like the real McCoy there. Now the question is, is there a fibrooptic light source there or is it just the color of the material? Either way, it is a stunning work of art. Perfect example! Before I scrolled down I thought it was a basketball hoop. lol! Thanks for stopping by mine also.

jadedjim wrote on May 9, '08
That's a neat shot. I'd love to have some of that stuff at home.

mjrohn wrote on May 9, '08
Triple WOW! Beautiful beautiful beautiful shot!
Thanks for your kind comment on my entry.

secclux wrote on May 9, '08
That is an amazing piece of art! Well photographed!!! I love that color!

Thanks for the visit and comment!

bnellee wrote on May 9, '08
WOW that kinda looks like a psycadelic atom bomb [spell check]
Those are some gossamer threads! Great shot!
TY for visiting. :)

danceinsilence wrote on May 9, '08
This is just beautific ... how tall is this light? Does ir run off solar energy, or is it grounded under the stand.? Dang, I want one of those, actually two of them. I think they would be so cool looking sitting on my porch at night. This is ideally the most unique one I've seen yet!!

Thanks for visiting and your comments 8=)

jgaryhillstudio wrote on May 9, '08
now that is downright kewl i want some of that gossamer..well shown..jgh
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forgetmenot525 wrote on May 9, '08
A take on Gossamer I would never have thought of, fantastic effect. Thank you for visiting.

tribunj wrote on May 9, '08
WOW What a great picture and a great effect of those gossammmers Beautiful
Thanks for visiting and your comment

rumbledoll wrote on May 9, '08
Truly mesmerizing... you captured Gossamer perfectly. Isn't art amazing? Thanks for visiting mine.

markg1 wrote on May 9, '08
Very beautiful, has a way of transfixing you and yet drawing you in, as if a web, Love the shade of blue too.

Here is my version

greyrider wrote on May 9, '08
Nice photo, Viera.

I like saying its name, too: Gossamer.

sydco2wdvv wrote on May 9, '08
I am awwed ( if that is even a word ), great photo !
thanks for stopping by my page

fotofriday wrote on May 9, '08
Wow Viera that is like something from another world!! Beautiful!!! Are they optic fibers woven into a 'loose fabric'?

geoaskier wrote on May 9, '08
WOW would ya look at that cool or what?!!

lindylooh wrote on May 9, '08

firefysh wrote on May 9, '08
Very nicely taken, and a great subject.

maraid wrote on May 9, '08
That really is beautiful and fits the bill of Gossamer perfectly. Lovely shot. luv M.
Thanks for the visit.

listig wrote on May 9, '08
Awesome color, thanks for visiting mine.

mindyjordan wrote on May 9, '08
WOW.. awesome!
thank you for your nice comment

lintang71 wrote on May 8, '08
thats a beautiful piece of art.. great take on the theme.. ty for visiting mine

carlaroxanne wrote on May 8, '08
Fascinating!!! Great take on the theme!

Thanks for stopping by.

oceankinguk2003 wrote on May 8, '08
Beautiful shot, looks like a representation of a black hole! Thanks Baz

cherikeeusa wrote on May 8, '08

tallulahledeux wrote on May 8, '08
Really and truly...WOW!

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amalie2 wrote on May 8, '08, edited on May 8, '08
how great! never seen such a decoration before..interesting :)
ty for visiting me!

dixxebell wrote on May 8, '08
Oh that looks like a whirlwind~..nice

mel49ers wrote on May 8, '08
How pretty a good take for this week. Thanks for visiting mine too.

sharonl344 wrote on May 8, '08

hedgewitch9 wrote on May 8, '08

fuzzysworld wrote on May 8, '08
That is AWESOME! Thanks for commenting on mine.

laniebg wrote on May 8, '08

mitchylr wrote on May 8, '08
Wow, that's fantastic!! Love the colours :-))

j5uliana wrote on May 8, '08
Awesome awesome photo & piece of art. Wow!!

chrisakasweets wrote on May 8, '08
love it!... Photobucket

sattva2 wrote on May 8, '08
Wow, that is a beautiful photograph you took there. Very much according to the theme.
Ty for popping in and commenting on mine !

satori1 wrote on May 8, '08
Whoa! Awesome!

ghostbear1890 wrote on May 8, '08
That is too cool!

riihele wrote on May 8, '08
Hei Viera

Lovely gossamery all right.
Keep so grand and safe.


tonij16102 wrote on May 8, '08
I love this picture and the color is very beautiful adds mystic to the room thanks for sharing your beautiful picture

locke100 wrote on May 8, '08
great shot it looks just like a spider web

terrencew wrote on May 8, '08
Hi Viera:
What an interesting image! Love the colour and the mystery of just what the heck that is. Fine take on the theme. Thanks for the visit.

zbethz wrote on May 8, '08
is that a kinda laser light?? coool!

thx for visit mine :)

tabbynera wrote on May 8, '08
Very creative and lovely contrasts caused by the light - good shot

dews24u wrote on May 8, '08
Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for the visit
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cammiedreams wrote on May 8, '08
Simple beautiful shot, love the colour, thanks for stopping by my page.

monaswe2007 wrote on May 8, '08
Wow that is cool! Great photo!
Thanks for the nice comment in my blog!

belita747 wrote on May 8, '08
Excellent!!! I love it in every sense...

wanderingdeity wrote on May 8, '08
that is awesome! is it for sale:)
great take on theme. very original!

normadawn wrote on May 8, '08
Now that is a cool light! Thanks for dropping by mine. :o)

naarta wrote on May 8, '08
Great shot. Love that light.


rahmya wrote on May 8, '08
Well done!!

My Pic

ppiccola wrote on May 8, '08
wow thats beautiful, really...what does Gossamer mean?

jayaramanms wrote on May 8, '08
Viera, Great interpretation of he theme. The photograph is also beautiful and depicts the interpretation fully. Thanks for sharing. You have already commented on my entry. Thanx again.

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