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(Canon IXUS 500, Bratislava, June 2008)
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barb4sun wrote on Nov 14, '08
They look so cute ready for the parade. Reminds me of the white boots I wore for drill team in the 60's.

windin wrote on Nov 14, '08

vickiecollins wrote on Nov 14, '08

belita747 wrote on Nov 14, '08
Very very nice picture! How beautiful those uniforms are!
Hope your home computer will be fixed soon. May you have an enjoyabel weekend.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my PP entry.

blicktx wrote on Nov 14, '08

babygirlannakiya wrote on Nov 15, '08

photographicpassions wrote on Nov 15, '08
That's really neat.

believemenot wrote on Nov 15, '08
Great picture Viera!

guazzetto25 wrote on Nov 15, '08
dobre rano moje myla pritelkyne. love your pic
may I ask you a favour? a pic of mine is in a photo contest, could you watch it and vote it if you think that it deserves your vote? here's the link. to vote you've got to copy the code and then click on "vota" ty.
Vota Concorso Fotografico

cyn402002 wrote on Nov 15, '08
Lovely the outfits!
Thanks for stopping by mine!

donnavaughan wrote on Nov 15, '08
You know, I always wanted to do that! I think it might be too late, not to many mid 40's troupes out there!
Really lovey shot

tabbynera wrote on Nov 15, '08, edited on Nov 15, '08

pasttimes wrote on Nov 15, '08
excellent shot...lots of action

snaphappy13 wrote on Nov 15, '08
Viera... great capture!

chrisakasweets wrote on Nov 15, '08
they look like they are having loads of fun.

adeguing wrote on Nov 15, '08

willingthrall wrote on Nov 15, '08
There are lots of interesting things in the photo. The drill team is interesting--and not just as a unit, but even as individuals. The dead tree filled with bunches of dead mistletoe is interesting. The bridge (or tower or whatever) in the background is interesting.

mrthree wrote on Nov 15, '08
Great looking uniforms, girls, and knees! They seem to be having fun. Three

stillwandering wrote on Nov 15, '08
Are they just about to do the can can! great choice :)

zorra5 wrote on Nov 15, '08
Right, left, right, left! Great picture of a fun celebration!

Thanks for visiting mine...

lamemory wrote on Nov 15, '08
A parade! Always a celebration, very perfect for the theme.
Thanks for visiting mine.

jjguerrero wrote on Nov 15, '08
I agree with lamemory. it's fun. Thanks for visiting my site.

arthog9 wrote on Nov 15, '08
I love marching bands and all that goes with them. This is a great theme.
Thank you for your visit to mine.

j5uliana wrote on Nov 15, '08
Good photo!! Good take on the theme. Thanks for looking at mine.

amalie2 wrote on Nov 15, '08
oh good! i can almost hear the music!

thank you for coming over to my site!

dannidoodles74 wrote on Nov 15, '08
I like the uniforms! Great shot. Thanks for stopping by mine.

mrpiggy001 wrote on Nov 15, '08
great shot and they look like they are having fun.

amyukalichick wrote on Nov 15, '08

moufflongirl wrote on Nov 15, '08
Nice one!

fotofriday wrote on Nov 15, '08
that is a lovely picture....Annie

brew99 wrote on Nov 15, '08
Perfect for the theme! Great photo. Thanks for the visit.

pestep55 wrote on Nov 15, '08
Great picture /:-)

lilwolfsis wrote on Nov 15, '08
great picture! I always wanted to be the baton twirler.. oh well... I'm a lil too clutsy! hehe..

busterp wrote on Nov 15, '08
They are all cuties. Love the uniforms (of course). Ha. Looking to the background, I see they have quite an audience. Nice shot Viera.

teabotol wrote on Nov 15, '08
Drumband right ?? Great photo...
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

mamoonelsiddik wrote on Nov 15, '08

ummancan wrote on Nov 15, '08
Very nice picture of the cute girls marching.
Thanks for your visit,have a nice weekend.

ladyexpat wrote on Nov 15, '08
Great shot. Thanks for stopping by.

kyllian wrote on Nov 15, '08
Nice photo
thanks for visiting my celebrate entry

empressselena wrote on Nov 15, '08
Nice shot. Love their little uniforms very cute. Great idea!

Empress C's PP

drwoe wrote on Nov 15, '08

tinafranc wrote on Nov 15, '08
The girls are so lovely in their uniform...great shot, too!

oceankinguk2003 wrote on Nov 16, '08
Thats a great shot, thanks for the visit and comment, Baz

artimisia wrote on Nov 16, '08
i stillthink this pic is one of the best

ann360 wrote on Nov 16, '08
That's a nice photo.. I really like the uniform they're wearing.

ninakobie wrote on Nov 16, '08
Beautiful shot. The girl's uniforms are lovely.

Thank you for stopping by.

octoberwitch wrote on Nov 16, '08
I bet that was great to watch, they look so cute in their uniforms.

buch68 wrote on Nov 16, '08
very cool... like the uni's...

joanne7111 wrote on Nov 17, '08
Perfect for the theme! Thanks for stopping by mine :-)

djdx wrote on Nov 17, '08
Nice shot.

Thanks for your visit.

ingsilva wrote on Nov 19, '08
...nice picture!!!...thanks for stopping by....

dews24u wrote on Nov 20, '08
Great celebration photo :-)

Thanks for the visit
"Celebrate" - For Picture Perfect

gentlespirit01 wrote on Nov 20, '08
I bet this was wonderful to watch! Great picture!

knightjwitt wrote on Nov 21, '08

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