streda 15. augusta 2012


Vincent Bandúr
( born on 24. 11.1961)
was improving his art education privately.
Within his first creative years he put his mind mainly to oil painting, stepwise orientated his interest in wood and other natural materials (toys, jewels, imitation jewellery, combs, clasps for hair, doses and things like that). Presently he puts his mind mainly to creation of wooden folding sculptures and relief compositions in wood, in which he display scenes from traditional folk culture, but his wide motivational catch is contacted also with the present. He live and create in Považská Bystrica, Slovakia. This year in Roma he was a silver medallist by exposition of wood's Betlehems


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  1. belita747 wrote on Aug 26, '08, edited on Aug 26, '08 talentful Vincent Bandúr is! Every artwork looks terrific! He shows a great artistic sense, indeed! Love the background music, too. Very cheerful. Excellent rhythm. Thanks for introducing Vincent Bandúr.