streda 15. augusta 2012


My Dog is Dead.

Artemis, my elegant, black-and-white Dalmatian, is dead. At age fifteen.
She was the most free-spirited, acrobatic, energetic, sunny, enthusiastic, delightful, downright funny dog . Never met a person or fellow canine she did not like.
She was my best companion: always game for an adventure, a walk, a drive. She used to sit on the back seat , almost like a person would, with her feet on the seat, thrusting her long, bony nose into the  wind.
I'll be missing her so much....


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  1. timecoding wrote on Jun 23, '08
    Oh... I can't fathom your loss. If something happened to mine, I'd be inconsoleable.
    ~trop de bisous~

  2. viera7 wrote on Jun 23, '08
    I'm so sad...

  3. timecoding wrote on Jun 23, '08
    When dogs get to heaven (and they all do) they RUN, and RUN, and RUN and they have LOTS of dog buddies there to play with AND they get GRAVY every day...

  4. americanwoman2007 wrote on Jun 23, '08
    My deepest sympathies to you girl. I don't know what I would do without my boys...I would be so sad and lonely.

  5. starchildsroom wrote on Jun 24, '08
    I am so sorry to hear this. Just remember she is ok and her memory will always be with you. Yes she was beautiful.

  6. firefysh wrote on Jun 24, '08
    My heartfelt sympathies to you at your loss. Losing a beloved friend is always so very hard.

  7. ferobe wrote on Jun 24, '08
    your Dog is your companion for his whole life but only for a part of your life.
    'ARTEMIS' will always stay a part of your life because for her you were the most important person.


  8. entropicon wrote on Jun 24, '08
    No words *hugs*

  9. michaelmichoo wrote on Jun 24, '08
    Oh, I am very sorry to learn of this...dogs are wonderful companions and they are part of the family. Indeed, losing them is a time of sadness...I went through this several years ago when our dog Sally died...My thoughts are with you, Viera.

  10. mrthree wrote on Jun 24, '08
    I can see the loss was great for you. I will pray that when you have endured the present loss and grief, that you find another dog that you can have as a fun and interesting companion. Artemis is irreplacable in your life, but another could be a little fun too. Warm hug. Wish I could have the words to say. Will pray. Three

  11. andxrr wrote on Apr 29, '09
    This is sad. Im sorry to hear this. 15 was a nice long life for her.